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    how i withdraw my money?

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    zasa wrote a new post, Educational ramifications for expats in China: Students and families suffer 1 year ago

    The Indian expats living in China have shifted to the country at will on getting offers to join the global bandwagon and live better lives as a result. Many would have hardly thought deeply about the ramifications […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Is the brain drain cycle starting to run reverse? 1 year ago

    If statistics are to be believed, the recent trends that are being reflected in the field of science in India speak something positive at last much to relief of the nation’s well wishers. The brain drain p […]

    • I think this is not true as pointed out. No doubt there is some development but not to the expected level. The intelligentsia which left the country will never come back but only for a short stay to see their kith and kin staying here desperately. The development and the infrastructure are still wanting in the Universities and in the Research Institution. Throughout the country, the value of education has gone to the lowest web.

      There are no lecturers having some minimum standard to teach the students. Those who got standard are still preferring to search for better opportunities abroad. The Universities have become political centers for revolt and strikes interfering in each and every policy of the Government and are becoming the targets of the opposition parties to defame the Governments. They are taking up issues with which they have nothing to do earlier. The education at primary level is somewhat better as the teachers are having some dedication towards their duties. They are now realizing their importance and the value of the education they have to impart to their students. They are taking risks to teach to their students coming from distant places.

      The Secondary education is facing some obstacles. The poor are not being able to deliver good to the best satisfaction of their institutions even. They have as a result finding it difficult to get admission after completion of their education in good institutions to pursue their Engineering and other Management studies. The Secondary education level which is really meant for laying the foundation is totally crippled.

      This is the reality with the education system in India.Now, the point is how do they go out to search for better opportunities? They will not be considered anywhere in the Global universities.Even the I.I.Ts are becoming substandard institutions.

      They are remaining in India only because they can not get any employment outside. If they by chance get, we should imagine that the country which has accepted them is having even the worst standards prevailing in their country.

      This is not reversal of brain drain but the brain is already drained and there is no way to reverse it

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    zasa wrote a new post, Is ‘study abroad’ worth the hype? 1 year ago

    Over the past few years, India has managed to make a name for itself as a centre of excellence when it comes to education. The presence of institutions like IITs, IIMs and AIIMS, and the exceptionally outstanding […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Are the IIMs overhyped? is neccesserly? 1 year ago

    In that era of education where an MBA has become a rage among young graduates, the IIMs seem to be the mecca of business education. The brand value of IIMs comes from the fact that they are public institutions and […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Introducing theme based training for Kindergarten kids 1 year ago

    Kindergarten days are the first days of learning and making discoveries. Your child experiences the world of schooling for the very first time! Kindergarten is not about homework and assignments; it is more about […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, New Government initiatives to give boost to education in India 1 year ago

    Witnessing a great revolution in the education system in the past few decades, the government of India has taken a number of initiatives to boost education in India. The development in the terms of education has […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Think out of the box, choosing different 1 year ago

    It’s important to adopt Theory of Thinking out Of Box. It means choosing the different path to reach the destination i.e., success. Out of box thinking means thinking free, beyond heights, open, without any […]

    • Thinking outside the box……I always use my imagination when it comes to doing that. I feel like I always have to be creative about everything rather its my career, my kids, or myself. I try to make the best things hopin that they would go throu. When it all comes down and burn to the floor then I pick myself back up. Knowing that the first time was not the way to go. But in reality we all pick up our pieces and start all over again.

    • Thinking outside the box is how civilization got out of the box. the desire of men to conquered their environment and things around them is what brought about all the changes we see around us. thinking out side the box is good for every one because we can not always think one way. Every situation have it unique kind of solution and therefore we need to always look at many ways of dealing with each and every kind of problems which requires using our imagination and assertion. Had the creators of all the things we see around us did not think outside the box, where will we have been now.

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    zasa wrote a new post, Kailash Satyarthi – the noble man who won the Nobel Prize 1 year ago

    Amidst the depressing news of the cyclone Hudhud causing unparalleled damage in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Pakistan army continuously violating the ceasefire and attacking villages along the Line of Control, […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Is IIT worth dropping a year? 1 year ago

    IITJEE is a hard nut to crack!
    It requires tremendous amount of patience, persistence, grit and constant practice. All those who have cracked this exam proudly boast of their hard work that made them achieve their […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, How to prepare for TOEFL 1 year ago

    A number of times you might have dreamt about studying abroad, having a better career for financial stability and confidence. Obviously, there isn’t a shortcut to any of these, but there are steps that can guide […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Is coaching the only way to crack the IIT JEE? 1 year ago

    IIT JEE remains the most competitive and esteemed examination sought by students in the country. Whether or not you’re joining a coaching institute, self determination and dedication are the very basic ingredients […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Is coaching necessary to get good marks? 1 year ago

    The right attitude to attain perfection is the excellence and striving to get better. Coaching classes and private tuitions are merely like a lubricant in a vehicle. They just help in smooth running of the […]

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    zasa wrote a new post, Top 5 Offbeat Careers in the world 1 year ago

    There is a mighty power in employing the fire in one’s belly towards his/her passions. Once determined and assiduous efforts are applied towards a specific goal, the person obtains an invincible power. This power […]

    • Now this could be helpful to people with special talents! There are a lot of talents out there with such skills, and they’re probably looking for a niche in the career world. And I love how you keep the blog short and concise.

      Another thing, a lot of people are in to photography due to passion, and knowing it could benefit them one day will enliven them 🙂

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    zasa wrote a new post, Top B-Schools in the US 1 year ago

    Finding an MBA programs that enhances your knowledge, skills and career is important for business students all over the world. Getting admission in the top B Schools is a fantasy for many commerce students and […]

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