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    Tonya Anderson wrote a new post, POSITIVETY in YOUR LIFE-LETS TALK 3 years, 5 months ago

    POSITIVE–meaning:good:ex-if you good (positive) attitude about your homework, you’ll most likely get a good (positive) feedback.  I  LOVE THAT WORD…

    I look at everything in my life as positive.  I turn a ne […]

    • You say right peoples must be positive in life and in dealing withers. We must keep in mind this proverb that if you put something in the salt it will be salt. It is a philosophical phrase difficult to understand for common men.

      How Positivity and Negativity Works?
      Sensitivity and negativity when we think both types of thinking create faith in human mind that is more stronger than any other thing on earth. If we think positively things run positively while on the other hand if we think negatively things go negatively and this situation may be seen in common practical life.

      As some peoples say that today will be bad because a black cat has crossed the way. The black does nothing but its arrival creates a negative faith in human mind. This negative faith makes everything negative in life the same thing salt makes salt every thing if you put something in the salt.

      Always think positive because negative thinking causes every type of disease in human life organs that is dangerous for human body. If everybody keeps positive thinking in society all will be positive and our society will present the scene of paradise.

    • It is always emphasized by a successful individual who has able to overcome all the challenges and trials on their live by taking all things on their positive point of view. Psychologist, psychiatrist, Church ministers, Missionaries are often heard that they do preach, teach, counsel on the positive point. There is less problem once a person is hoping for good things to happen. An expectation which is for good brings happiness and satisfaction once it is realized.

      This so-called PMA or the positive mental attitude is the state of the mind to treat everything on its advantageous role to one’s life especially in distress. To put it on the spiritual perspective, we are all sinners and no one is perfect. We need sThereomeone who is powerful to redeem us from that sinning we had made. Though we are too desperate that we could no longer be saved. But God has given us the big hope to be saved. Thus He offered His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ to save us. So what else are we going to ask for? We must work it out for us to be saved. There is a hope for us to be saved in so doing.

    • This is what my friends and me talk about, if you let positive in every thing you do, it will always be a good feedback to you and your family. We never let negative aspect aspect us, even negative incident happen let us think it into positive way. For example, if you lost your wallet, think that it will be change with more money inside it. I think if all people think and talk in positive, it will always be a good world we have.

      • Yes, positive thinking makes heaven on earth and social evils will disappear from our society because a positive thinking breeds a positive thinking that is why we all must spread positive trend son this forum so that positivity may flourish all over the world.

        If someone is positive to other the other will be positive to you in all walk of life. I wonder why people do not think positive.