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June 17, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Yesterday in a dream
All the things I love were in my fingertips
My thoughts were so big
The feeling was great
It was a beautiful dream
Today life has forgotten my name
What I am feeling inside can not be cutted away
The sorrow inside me has taken over
All I feel is pain
My desire for success has betrayed me
I’ve become a shadow of myself
They all stop and stare
Wondering what happen to me
A once blooming flower
So many believed in me
But today I am just a shadow of myself
I am in need of internal freedom
My demons are restless
Shedding tears as I see my footsteps left behind,
being swept away by failure
Soon I will be forgotten
Is there any hope, for people like me?
If I should die
Will I be remembered for my failures?
Or as a person who visited planet earth and left
with no footprints behind?