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July 9, 2016 at 11:29 am

Here I am at a point of life junction
Waiting to choose from a range of nice options;
Stuck among girls of diverse features
But one to go with me into the future.
One is blessed with such a pretty face
Ever noticed for her dazzling gait
Pleasing me with her gentle smile
Like the smooth flow of the river Nile.
One is rich and affluent indeed
Ready to help in my times of need
Willing to give up her whole possessions
If I show her my own affection.
One is gentle and so kind
And with her my peace I find.
Though I am an insatiable man
She cares for me as much as she can.
One obeys religious instructions
And offers me spiritual directions.
She stands to pray at daybreak
And gives out alms for her Lord’s sake.
Am I greedy to choose the wealthy
Or lustful to go for beauty?
Shall I make my choice for manners
Or my faith is all that matters?