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September 12, 2016 at 1:17 pm

I joined the BB’s writing challenge on”40 Knives”. There were only a handful members participated and I was one of them. The challenge is focused on the theme, “40 Knives”. The write-up would in fiction, or in news inspired theme. I submitted “Braving the 40 Knives“. It was a fiction short story about the newly home uncle, Mario, an Engineer working abroad and his two nephews, Bravo and Segundo.

The plot was focused when Mario was having a welcome party tendered by friends and something strange had happened. The party was disturbed. The story ended how his nephews overcame the 40 knives and why they’re thankful to him.

That entry received the ¬†honorable mentioned with 100 coins as a reward.¬† It’s a good try.