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July 31, 2017 at 1:16 pm

2008 was the year when the horror story emerged, shocking Austria and creating waves of indignation around the world. Josef Fritzl held his daughter Elizabeth captive for 24 years inside a basement.

No, that was not the biggest grounding ever administered by a parent. Josef raped poor Elizabeth numerous times, and the abuse resulted in seven children.

Everything happened just meters below the house where Fritzl lived a normal life together with his wife, the mother of Elizabeth. The couple even adopted some of the children born out of incest, passing them as foundlings.

You will be sad to know the ordeal of Elizabeth and her children did not end with the abusive father sentenced to life in prison. Spending you entire adult life isolated from the outside world leaves permanent mental trauma.

The poor souls are still undergoing therapy, and we can only hope they will soon recover.