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September 26, 2016 at 6:04 am

I see one of  millennial thinkers, Miss Timpf’s, intelligent independent perspective on the matter of how and who to vote this coming November 8th Presidential Elections. The latest celebrity-starred liberal Democrat campaign on an anti-Trump ad, among many fallacies,  is just disappointing.

I used to admire those Avengers Heroes actors and actresses. And now, telling America how and what to think and vote?  For heaven’s sakes, what’s next in line among the millions-of-dollar recipients from the Democratic/Soros funding to get Hillary elected?

Well, see for yourself. And make sure that you value Law and Order,  acting on your lawful rights Making America Great Again with hardworking jobs, and cooperating with national security and protection– first and foremost.

Decide toward voting the Commander-in-Chief who values  and  works hard on American unity among Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians– working together– with law and order endeavors Making America Great Again.

Have a very good day!

Timpf on Gutfeld Fox News

September 26, 2016 at 2:40 pm


The Elections in the U.S are quite different as they used to be. Giving interpretations to the statements of the opponent has become more visible. The publicity and the election campaign is also  taken a new shift closely following that of India. Mudslinging has become a regular activity of the Election Campaign which was never heard of in the U.S Elections. The U.S Presidential Elections are more important to the rest of the Nations  in the world having democratic values than the Citizen of the U.S.For the country like India which has got high and rich Democratic values this Presidential election is  important than anything  else when viewed from the rising International terrorism, Climate Control, Foreign Agreements, and the International Water Disputes.

One important aspect one has to consider is how wise it is to keep the safety of the U.S  in the few hands of minorities , in the hands of undocumented immigrants? What  measures are needed in the fields of unemployment, womens’ problem, Labour , Health, Social security , and all the more the International Relations.   


Mr. Donald Trump is far beyond in his vision as compared to the earlier Presidents of the U.S. The 70 year old Red Chilli Republican proved himself a tough to munch Chilli for the rival Democrat.

His statement on constructing a wall along the Mexican border was given a drifted orientation . His statement  on banning the entry of Muslims into the U.S is again termed as undemocratic by the opponents. Any educated U.S citizen who analyzed the statements with reference to the existing situation in which the U.S placed would definitely appreciate Mr. Donald for his Vision and Understand and would treat him as a great Patriot. Every person entering into politics will have some lose soil under his feet. The time is not to see the texture of the soil but to see the platform which it is  shaped. There is no doubt Mr. Donald would give U.S more safety than his predecessors.

He is the Business Executive but not an Executive in the Administration to delay the decisions or to conceal the facts from his own people required for the citizen of the U.S.

He did not  hide the payment  of a ransom of $400 million to the Iran to the so called ‘exchange’. His opponents never gave a serious thought to the issue and never made it public at anytime in their debates. His opponent even made a statement before the media that it is a part of Agreement made long back. But, never felt  it important to reveal to the Public . But very surprisingly, the U.S President Mr. Obama denied the payment of any such ransom. Now , which statement is correct is the main issue.

If the payment of ransom was made as a part of the Agreement what was the full agreement made, as stated by the opponent of Mr. Donald Trump? Why was it not revealed to the Government at any time during the debates?



October 8, 2016 at 8:56 pm

I think it is interesting to see how the rest of the world feels about American politics and who Americans should or should not vote for President. Many Americans would simply tell these people to mind their own business and to keep their opinions to themselves. What these Americans fell to realize that who they pick for president effects the whole world and not just them in America.

As for celebrities go, I don’t listen to what they have to say when it comes to politics. I personally take each candidate under a microscope and do my own research on each candidate. I don’t base my opinion on hearsay but I will adjust my opinion on how that person has handled themselves. Sure enough, Trump has a big mouth and shouldn’t talk every single time. He does have a way of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. As for Hillary is concerned, she has been in office, different offices, and still can’t get anything done to help the people. She has changed her stance on numerous issues.

Sure enough, Trump has a big mouth and shouldn’t talk every single time. He does have a way of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. As for Hillary is concerned, she has been in office, different offices, and still can’t get anything done to help the people. She has changed her stance on numerous issues. I wouldn’t vote for a person just because she is a woman. She has no respect for the women that her husband has done wrong to. She blames the women for her husband’s sexual advances. That’s not right. She has a problem with telling the truth. She doesn’t know when, to tell the truth.

Either way, it goes, I think America is going to get worse no matter who becomes the new president. If Hillary becomes president then I hope places like Syria and Russia are ready for WWWIII because she is going to start a war with them. If Trump becomes President, one can only hope for the best. At least he is trying to stay on other countries good policy.

November 19, 2016 at 10:04 pm

It’s been twelve days since the shock wave of U.S.A’s turning point with the Republican campaign fight,  Make America Great Again  is breaking through tens of millions of awakened voters.  And millions more awakening to the truth of such a phenomenal movement in America.  President-elect, Donald J. Trump has proven individual American still alive and well– away with totalitarian fear-mongering telling people how to think and what to do!

Just needed a tremendous fairly and squarely fought campaign 17 1/2 months doing things right–  Addressing America’s problems and battling against all dark-and-doom opposition, arrogance and lawlessness. We are beginning to see amazing things getting started from the President-elect campaign promises.

So far, America is standing stronger than ever before in American history.  U.S.A  is moving towards making America great again!