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December 26, 2016 at 6:39 pm

I know of many people abroad living alone. They told me they are happy which I do not believe. How could you be happy living only a cat or dog with you? These animals can never speak to us to console our loneliness. Well, I agree that having a pet is so important , but the reality is obvious, our pet cannot answer our needs. Humans are social beings , therefore, they need humans too, not animals. I repeat, I side with you as having a pet to make you happy, no problem about that.The problem is the communication.We need to communicate , this is the only way to socialize ourselves. yes, we have the gadgets, the computers, lap top to aid our solo living, but, then again the truth prevails that we need someone in our lives.

I am single, but I do not live alone. There are many of us at home and they make me happy. I cannot live alone. There were times I was alone at home in the day. My family went to beach and I was left alone because of some school works I brought home and must be done on that very day. Then after few hours, I felt so sad and lonely. I missed my family, the small kids, their laughters, giggles and some naughty tricks. What I did I stopped my work and followed them. They were so near near me for we live near beaches. Our home is only 4,000 meters away from beaches and 100 meters away from the national road.

Out of that experience, I told myself that I can never live alone. What about you, if you happen to read this post, what makes you happy living alone? That is if you live alone?

Thank you for reading .

December 27, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Perhaps no one here lives  alone. Me too, never live alone. I have with me my two sisters and two nephew kids. My elder sister’s husband is a sea man and my other elder sister’s husband is a Medical Doctor who works in New York as a Surgeon there. I will surely be sad if live alone. The house we live is mine. I built this some years ago when I was a new teacher. I acquired this through housing loan. I fully paid this through my commissions from the insurance companies where I worked before I get involved into other business. I was a top seller before in a non-life insurance company and received cash awards hehehe. I stopped during the entry of global crises. Many insurance companies foreclosed ; others bankrupt due to global crises. I stop and regret because  are  as long as there are humans, there are demands for insurance coverage. Anyway I can come back for every time they are in need of agents .I am also a licensed broker.

I was able to but two cars out of the commissions I closed from different companies.That is why, I never want to be alone for every time I go home from work, they are there at home preparing foods for me. My sisters also have their own business , not like mine everyday I leave home. I teach and I also work in anon-life insurance company. I covered fired insurance to homes, buildings, offices , groups and individual person, cars, vehicles. What a life and what a money.

At least there are people at home, my family I can share with my income. Thanks for reading Merry  Merry Christmas everyone.

December 28, 2016 at 6:00 pm

I do not agree with the idea of others about one cause of Parkinson’s disease : Living alone.

You too surely disagree of what my friends told me about one cause of PD,that is living alone and in loneliness. I Goggle search it if find their contention true about Pd, but none. I do not know why they said this so.Perhaps they just guessed because they knew that my partner, an NZ resident is sick with PD and he lives alone. He only had with him for 12 years a cat named Pixie, but Pixie died last year leaving him in too much grief.

He told me how Pixie was so important to his life. Somehow I liked to agree wit the contention of my friends that living alone and in loneliness is one factor to get acquired with PD. Why ? From the statement of my partner how the cat was so important to him, it simply means he wants someone with him.

I also Goggle about PD and learned that there are some cells in the brain dead.I am right for when I asked my partner one time when we chat through Skype that his doctor told him that he has one brain cell dead. That dead brain cell is as big as a mongo bean and for me that is big enough that destroys some functions of the body. Complications enter the system making the victim always in muscle pains. What a terrible and horrible complications of PD. That sickness is not fatal, but what makes it risky , is its complications, deadly.


Man does not live by bread alone.

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December 28, 2016 at 9:00 pm

I like living alone as I can eat/sleep when I chose, and can be sloppy without complaint.

December 29, 2016 at 12:14 pm

@kaylar, really? You live alone? Do you mean to say, you are single? hehehehe, just asking. Well, everyone has a choice. Like me, I am still single at age 36 , but withe me at home my two sisters and 2 nephew kids.My first sister;s husband is a sea man and the other a Medical Doctor in New York. The kids are under ages 4 and 6. We are happy though noisy with kids naughty actions hehehehe.But they are just kids, so innocent and we have to extend our patience.

My partner in New Zealand lives alone for many years. He just visits his son in Christchurch. he is single, but at least he has a son now at age 25. I doubt that he is happy living alone for if he does, he may have less sickness. His PD has many complications. He cannot sit and stand up well right away. he is always in pain from hips down I feel the pain every time I see him that way.I hope that he will help me work there soon. I plan to file one year live without pay in the university that I am teaching.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may this year is so kind and friendly to us.

December 29, 2016 at 6:47 pm

I was married and have children…   I don’t mind being alone… I like it.

December 29, 2016 at 6:56 pm

@kaylar, hehehe, you are unique. How I wished I have a strong heart like yours happy to live alone. Sometimes in my life, I long to live alone, but no matter how, I cannot make it. Besides, my mind keeps on imagining many bad things if I am alone hehehe. I am coward, not brave,in fact, I am afraid to walk in a dark corner. Hay, what a life full of mixed feelings.

There is total peace and serenity if alone, plus no dictator, no commander and no one to make us a slave of their wants. I salute you guy for having that positive attitude, me not, coward.

December 29, 2016 at 11:56 pm

It is not really a great feat.  Just find a nice little place, just for you.  Gives you lots of time to think and comprehend things in life.

December 30, 2016 at 12:48 am

Living alone cely is the best gift that you could ever have. Thete are people who live with either their families, or with relatives or friends and are not happy. Yes i would love to have my damily with me at all times but the truth is they won’t be with you forever. There eill co.e a time when you will so want to be alone and independent. Tgete are certain things that happen when you are alone that cannot happen whdn you are with family. One thing is for sure you becomd independent, yoh learn how yo make decisions on your own, responsibility comes on its own, you gain control of your life, and so kn and so forth. And the best thing is that you have privacy and freedom thats very important for an adult. For example me veing alond because i am able to do my stuff without getting distracted, i cook what i want and whenever i want thete are no limits and riles to follow. I can watch whatever programmes i wantvat least there is no one there to tell me to watch something that i don’t want to. I am absolutly free i am not answerable to anyone, i dont have to report to anyone or adk for permission to ho out, its such a good feeling to stay alone sometimes not all thd time. There are times when of course you will need someone by your side for a shoulder yo lean on, or someone just yo talk to thats a given. Otherwise i eould advocate for someine to live alone for some time before they sttld down its a nice place to be. You will appreciate it some day.

December 30, 2016 at 5:03 am

Exactly.   For example, certain days you set to cook.  You prepare stuff for the week.  Then you go to work.  You can set time to clean or not clean, watch TV or not watch.  You get a power of yourself you can never have when you live with people.

December 30, 2016 at 8:40 am

@kaylar, hehehehe, you are exactly right, there is peace in our own and place . If we want a nice sleep, no one can disturb us for we are alone. t home, sometimes, I am upset for despite I locked my bedroom, but the little kids keep on knocking and knocking hehehehe.All they want is to play with me, my gosh, and I am so tired. I also cannot punish them by shouting, but letting them in and forget for awhile my sleepy mood.Sometimes, I also pretend in deep sleep so no matter how they knock, I won’t get up,lol.Then when I get up, they quarrel me hehehe. I love my nephew kids.Maybe I spoil them so they won’t listen to me.

Sometimes my sister gets angry at me why keep on buying toys.The toys I bought never lasts 24 hours hehehe, and toys this time are expensive.I seem throwing money, but that is love.

December 30, 2016 at 8:50 am

@Anitah Gimase, Hi? I agree with you. Not all the time that we are happy in our lives with too many companions at home. They are sometimes annoying and disturbing.Plus, we cannot ave if there are so many people you will feed, especially if only few of you working and have the sharing of bills payment and others.Most of all there is no peace if there are people with you at home.Why is this so because others just want to sit watching TV, sleeping and only eating is the favorite making the house dirty and they never care.And if you won the house, no choice, but to get up and clean the house by yourself.

If there are children, always expect messy home. They cannot be controlled, of course too young kids, nothing is in their brain but toys, games, new things in their eyes,lol.There is always troubles moments in life. I appreciate people that choose life living alone.In my case, I own the house and it is hard for me to leave.I will only be happy to achieve this if ever given the chance to work in Auckland , New Zealand. I may taste the total freedom and liberty.

Thank you for dropping by and allow me now to greet you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.