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January 2, 2017 at 4:01 pm

Many are expecting better life and income in 2017 year of the rooster. What do you expect? Do you think that there is better life in 2017? Do you think there is total peace this year? Do you think President Trump can evade IS militants to get entry to United States?  Do you also think that our country’s President Duterte can solve drug problems in Philippines, the country of my birth and residence? There are so many questions I and you to answer hehehe. 

For me, I expect nothing yet for this day is the second day of the new year. But others believe that 2017 is better than 2016, plus a rooster symbolizes strong leadership and strong body. Look at a rooster, he could fight even if already having a wound. A rooster does not right away surrender. That is also the belief of others . I might agree with them this time for I keep on looking at the rooster in our backyard hahaha, very strong rooster and if that is only mine, I like to butcher him for a fun in new year.

About President Trump, it is  to him what he wants to do for he announced in the past no to the entry of Muslims in America and now that he is the president, he might as well block them. About our Ph president, it seems hard for him to stop drugs in Ph if the military officials and other people in the senate continue to protect drug lords. This day, it was learned that crimes declined in our country almost 63% which means to say that many are afraid of our president and the laws of our land.

What can you say?

January 3, 2017 at 6:13 pm

From the  start of the new year, up to now, killing , shooting, fire and other inhuman activities continue to rampage anywhere in the world Brazil is twice now attack ,The recent attack was inside the jail  where many died,. After Istanbul, Brazil and even in the Philippines today, shooting happens. My God, I hope that this kind will end.It scares all of us.

What is going on with the minds of the people this time. They take humans ordinarily like animals that can be butchered any time they like. The root cause of all these evils is drug. Even marijuana must not be legalized.In other countries, users overdose themselves causing the to be addicted to that herb that functions as medicine, but abuse my human beings.

There are different pictures of our society this time.Our world crawls to the dark where black.minds of the dirty minds are merged.

January 7, 2017 at 6:54 pm

One thing i havenoticed is that people always get into the new year with expectations of all kinds. We always think that the following year will be better than the previous one. But the thing is every year comes with its challenges all through. There is no year that will be all smooth sailing without ups and downs. For me i won’t say that 2017 will ha e this or that but i can say that by the grace of God as we go through this year may God grant me the grace and strength to do what i was not able to do last year. And i am also hoping that my desires will be grant3d in this new year.

January 8, 2017 at 8:22 am

@Anitah Gimase, Your visions in 2017 are amazing , yes God would surely give what you ask from Him. You are also right when you said about people’s expectation s every step of a new year new and better life happens. How could it become like that when the scenario is still assuming life has no change at all; unless, fight for it.


January 8, 2017 at 8:36 am

@ Anitah Gimase, I never expect something new to the image of the world.It remains chaotic and disorderly. First day of the new year was a tragic beginning so many fatalities in Istanbul and Brazil and even in Philippines. Unless terrorism continues, there will be no total peace in the wold. In Ph, there were 159 prisoners escaped through the help of the IS militants that connived with the Abusayfs , the so long terrorists in Ph. There were casualties including the jail warden. Until this time, there were only 48 jailed back, So sad, one of the escapee was a bomb expert. We are so worried here this time. There is red alert anywhere in the Philippines.

That is why, I never expect something exciting only those movies, songs, dances, arts and the like that always give something new. In my life, there are so many challenges that I have to face this time. I hope I can face all these.One is about my love life, my bf in NZ very ill, my job, no college students next year due to extension  program of the high school level, and I am not yet a regular faculty in the university. I have just transferred for the  previous school that  I taught was sold to PHINMA Makati owners and CEO’s.

I just sigh, but must be ready all the time .