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December 31, 2016 at 12:09 pm

Who wouldn’t trust a friend, in front of you crying and knelling just to persuade your emotion? My friend went to my work place and begged me to assume my housing unit. He is an engineer and was newlywed the time he approached me. His wife was his student, jobless. He wanted to have a permanent home, but at that time, as a newly married, they did not have savings to provide themselves with their needs. That begging and knelling of my friend convinced my soul to let them assume my unit, though I never had an intention to do so. I had a plan to give that housing to my brother who worked abroad, married, two children, but wife left them for another man, so to console my brother, I secretly plan to give to him my other unit. I had at that time two housing units acquired through our National Home Mortgage and Housing Authority.

So everything was set, but on the actual day, my friend failed to pay the full payment for my right and the assumption fee. He and his wife begged me again. I allowed them for I saw his wife pregnant. I sometimes hate myself for I cannot easily refuse if someone begs with tears. The lawyer was not also available for the deed of assumption. They promised me to bring the lawyer with them after a month. It was they to pay for the deed of assumption for that was their promise to me, for being that kind to them.

Because I was so busy and even this time always busy, so I forgot those important things. I only remember my unit last year after ten years of forgetting and trusting , that my friend paid direct to the National Home Mortgage office, when I received a notice from the Mortgage that my unit was foreclosed. I was so terrified and sobbed bitterly why it happened that way. I went to my housing unit so far from my home and found my unit empty. All doors were intentionally damaged and they had just left. I proceeded to the Mortgage office and was told that the fake occupants only made three years payments. The outstanding arrear was 1.8 million. How could I pay that instantly? I was told to reconstruct, but someone approached us and willing to assume my unit. That foreigner married to a Filipina heard me crying in despair. He instantly paid the unit with all those assumption papers. He also paid the tax, and the unpaid water and current bills.

That same year, I had cleared my name in the mortgage. I am so thankful to the new occupants and has now the unit renovated, most especially thankful to God for He hears my prayers. God is truly a loving God, and I do entrust to him the unfaithfulness of my friend.

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December 31, 2016 at 6:18 pm

How I wish this time,my friend who cheated me will have his conscience to torture him.he gives me heartaches until this time. I better had invited the right person to rent my unit. Next time, I will not be too compassionate to a person for it is me to suffer in the long rin. My friend may have the bad karma someday, God does not sleep and He sees what we are doing on earth.It is hard to accept defeat. yes, I feel I am defeated for they never paid me.

I spent sleepless nights thinking about the money I spent juts to have that housing unit be acquired only to be cheated by my friend now I consider my mortal enemy. I may forgive him, but his wrong doing will be paid accordingly when he dies. He will surely walk in the valley of eternal tears.

January 1, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Goodness cely that was so bad. Why do people do stuff like that to other people i just dobt understand. I am a lessor as well my mum has leased a house where i am the one who oversees everything that goes on there. I remember i once had a tenant whi was so stubborn and arrogant. He had children who really had no sense of reaponsibility in them and that made me so mad. i would once in a while go over to the house and just check on them and how the were getting on, not because i like them that much but because it was my responsibility yo make sure that the house was in good condition. When i asked them to move out they were adamant, but when they finally moved out, it may have been a relief to me but the really messed up the house. And just like you cely they moved out secretly i only came to find out days later when they were taking the last stuff from the house and handing over the keys. Lucky for me i had some money to repair the house and it was not so long before i got another tenant. He was such a good tenant they kept everything in order, paid their bills and all was well. We have had a very good relationship with them for over 10 years now. But th3y will sonn be moving out. That makes me sad but good things have to finally come to an end.

January 2, 2017 at 2:56 pm

@Anitah Gimase, There are human beings that cannot be trusted. Just imagine your case and my case almost synonymous, but what we differ is the payment method, good for you, your tenant paid the house, mine, not ,It reaches too big amount 1.6  million, I cannot afford . I was so tankful that time for the national home mortgage was helping me find someone to assume my unit and all the responsibilities to apply. What is bad is, the occupants were my co workers and top 10 Board Placer of the Civil Engineering Board exam His intelligence was placed in his anus not in his head.

I told myself, I was so stupid. I was too young that time , new teacher, new graduate and I do not have much lessons about mortgage and lessors. My sisters kept on blaming me. I was indeed in deep trouble for if I am going to may thru installment, I feel defeated. The worst thing was, the parents of the wife died in my unit they occupied and according to their neighbors, many just come and go in my unit without paying a sine centavo, I hate myself for the too much tolerance of those bad people.

I learned a lesson out of that experience. I have to be wise, we have to be wise.

Happy New year my dear.