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March 2, 2017 at 11:44 am

Too bad, I have this feeling of being lost; of groping my way around here. I literally lost my post in this forum entitled: How Do You Feel as a Newbie?

Maybe the site is so busy that’s why. When I clicked to submit it, it did not register.

I wish someone can help me with my predicament on how to edit my blog posts. I wish it can be more user-friendly so members can have an easy time posting contents.

March 2, 2017 at 4:23 pm

@acelawrites, Hi friend? How have you been here? I have missed . I have just arrived from work and have just seen your discussion about feeling being lost your way here.About editing a blog, it is done ahead before posting it. Try to check it in dash board if find your blog there. Maybe you are not yet through writing it. How many words has your blog had more than 300? Had you inserted an image to associate it to your blog? Had you tried to do the editing the time you are writing your blog. Please write your blog in Microsoft word so all you have to do during your visit here is to click about upper left the word post now and then write the title first then copy and paste the blog you had prepared. After posting your your blog, do not click the word submit yet. Check the entire submission if see red colored words what to do them edit direct editing direct with  goggle editor, then after doing it, click the word media upper right then click the middle word to direct you to your downloads of photos after your photo is approved, you will see below upper left right part below the word Choose , wait until you see the word choose appears.It it appears , click it then wait until you see the photo appears in your blog.That is the right time to click the word SUBMIT.Please try to wait until it says in green color successfully submitted.Just do it little by little my friend  until you become accustomed to it the next time you write a blog.

Take care, my warm hug for you.