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December 27, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Everything is done is haste if there is no current especially in a tropical country. When blackout strikes, every feeling is changed from better a mood to bad mood due to extreme temperature. It seems the lost of current is routinary. Many works are left undone and many frozen goods turned liquid. This problem is getting worse due to the extension of drought. The weather forecaster is right that drought in our country will be extended until July. It is hope that our current be restored back to normal.But this month, we have successive storms so it is expected that there is now sufficient supply of water in Lake Lanao in Bukidnon , Maria Christina falls in Iligan City, Lake Buhi in Bukidnon and other falls source of current supply for all humans in our region X.

We are hoping here that the scheduled blackouts next week won’t push through after it had rained due to storm Nina just recently left. Though we were not affected with strong wins m but we experienced slight and continuous rains.


December 28, 2016 at 4:13 pm

We are hoping here no black out this week for we have to meet New Year without ill feeling. The feeling will surely turn bad if blackout will not be stopped by the electrification company in our city.There is no clear reason why there is scheduled blackout this week. There is no storm in our region and we believe that the series of small rains here is enough for the water supply to supply current to some nearby areas. Other places are under other electric company,It the city, we are under Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company 9 CEPALCO)  and in the provinces , they are under the Misamis Oriental Rural Electric Service Cooperative ( MORESCO) . That is when we cannot get the idea as why is there scheduled blackout.

Are they terrifying the people? Are they not Christians. Don’t they excited to have the new year only days from now? They are the only personnel who can answer my questions. We are hoping here to find the right answers why there is scheduled blackout.Plus, how could I meet the quota here hehehehe when there is blackout? LOL.


December 28, 2016 at 4:25 pm

I finally got the answer why there is scheduled blackout in our city

Few minutes after I posted the post, my sister arrived home . She went to the office of the electric company to clarify the issue of a scheduled blackout this week. We are so much pleased here of what our dear sister was doing. She does not like to see me having face full of worries. She knows that I and my partner in New Zealand will have our cam to cam through Skype on Friday at six o” clock in the morning, Philippine time. I do not like to miss this chat because I have to say thank you to my partner for gifting me with $1,500 this Christmas. Though I emailed him, but it is far different to say the words verbally Written message is different from oral message, because there is an immediate response from the other side.

The electric company told my sister that they started fixing some wires and erected additional posts replacement of the somewhat old and twisted posts. There are many posts according to them already old almost 30 years and others twisted and they are afraid that when a sudden strong wind comes, many might be hurt on the ground. The fixing of the wirings will be done at dawn so the people sleeping will not feel the hot temperature. They only have two posts to replace.Others have started fixing the wires and by tomorrow everything will be done.

We are so much pleased of the development of the scheduled blackout. They acted the problem right away because someone called the office of  the new President of the Republic of the Philippines, President Rody Duterte. Does it mean to say that in the past, no president cared about the electric company? They answer is your to analyze.

Thanks readers. I am now in the mood of happiness.


December 29, 2016 at 6:03 pm

We are hoping here that what the electrification office told last day  was true. That was all about the scheduled blackout supposed to be next this week. We are no so sure if that was true or just a mere fabrication of fervid imagination of the electrician to trick our worries .Who wouldn’t be sad if it is light less during the celebration of the New year. We all consider New Year as so important to embrace when 12 midnight strikes for the next day .

What if it was just a joke. We are still preparing here the Led lights in case power failure happens. I bought three led lights already loaded with sun light.The LED I bought could be electrically charged or sun’s.

December 30, 2016 at 12:30 am

Come to think of it, we are also experiencing some high temperatures in our country right now. It is very hot and the weather broadcasters sag that ut is going to remain hot with no rains until the month of April. Now this spells trouble for us because there’s gonna be drought and then there will be scarcity of some foods. Before we know it food prices will have escallated. Hot weather sometimes is good and sometimes it brings worries more often than joy. When its too much so many things go haywire. Right now we are experiencing water rationing because the dam that supplies water to different parts of the country, is running at very low levels which is dangerous. The coyntry could end up in problems if there was no water completely. That same water is the one that provides electricity as well. So we just pray that the levels in the dam would rise to avoid certain problems from croppunf up. Blackouts are not really a major issue in our country and we thank God for that. There are alternatives that people can use and atill survive unlike in th3 states where everything is about electricity.

December 30, 2016 at 9:09 am

Anitah Gimase, Hi? I am so sorry about the situation there in your country. I hope there will be rain coming there this week or next week. Yes, it is true people will be put to a critical situation if water supply runs out with water. That will be bad . We experienced it here, no water and nothing sold in malls, so we dug water hehehehe then we finally found buying station in the other city. We bought there barrels of water.  That was a very horrible feeling and thinking.

Our feeling will be much affected especially this time, Christmas and lots of problems happen. In Philippines, many were wounded due to explosion, fire three days successive , thousand families lost their homes in Manila.Despite told not to use deadly firecrackers, still they are violating and ignoring the law, so that is what they got now, being homeless. There are stupid people and they only realized their faults when something bad happens.

January 10, 2017 at 1:38 pm

There was blackout in school, so I was able to go home earlier. That is why I am able to drop here or visit here earlier usually evening. I am so thankful,lol. The blackout started at 9 i the morning. I was in the 3rd floor of the engineering building 42 room 301.I used the elevator in going up , but walk on stairs when blackout took over.

It is not easy to deal blackout, unless Ph is in winter mood,lol.We are always on hot mood even if there is storm here in our region. Our city is not part of the storm , but we are facing Camiguin island part of the storm, that is why this time, we have cloudy skies. I think strong rain to follow after this dark skies fall to earth.

I thought that we are also affected with blackout, I was at first worried, but when I arrived home, I have a secret smile to myself thanking the situation better .There is current. so I have to utilize the time.Thanks for reading. God Bless us all.