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October 30, 2016 at 12:06 pm

Let me cut to the chase, your opponents  isn’t just your classmates or course mates. This is the obsolete mindset in the present school system. The old mental model system sold this falsehood to you and that has controlled your behavior and performance. You have to work with this consciousness. In academic games you are not in competition with your course mate or classmate, rather you are in a symbiotic cooperation with them to conquer just one enemy the one opponent of humanity. Am talking about humanity’s  worst enemy, our common enemy.

You need to get this, and let it stuck to your subconscious if you are going to win in this game of academics.

Permit me to be the little child that would dare say that the emperor is naked. When you think you are in competition with your course mates,  you end up a local champion at best. Though with good intentions, parents sold this same falsehood to their children. All maladies that have bedeviled us today stem from the falsehood that has been transmitted through generations and that is since the inception of Western education.

Seeing your classmates and course mates as the opponent to be won is just winning the game of School.

There is the game of academics and the game of school. If you win the game of school and lose in the game of academics, you end up a mediocre. The best part is to win both games. In fact cooperation and competition holds the key to your winning. When I talk of cooperation, I don’t mean that kind of cooperation in the examination hall as that itself negates the whole essence of the right spirit of playing this game.

Rather, by cooperation I mean that exhibited during the learning process,during the acquisition stage and not during the testing stage. Finding a way to teach your course mates what you’ve learned holds the key to your gaining mastery of your courses. This still remains your highest tool if the mastery of your courses is your ultimate desire.

Let me tell you who your Opponent is really is.

Your Opponent goes by the name IGNORANCE.