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October 30, 2016 at 12:36 pm

Human beings are among the species of animal whose survival is totally dependent on their ability to imitate. The first to learn from is the mother. Another animal that learns by imitation is the duck. There’s an adage in Igbo that captures this inherent characteristics of most species of animals. It is simple, the she goat eats leaf and it’s kid watches her. They learn by imitating their mothers.

As you grow, the onion lies on you to choose who would be your role model in the field you find yourself. It makes sense therefore to choose the winners and leaders in your domain.

An intelligent golfer would choose to imitate Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, those that want to excel in leadership should study Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. Winston Churchill. If you want to be an Academic, study people like Sir Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Chinua Achebe and all the best of all creative geniuses like Albert Einstein.

Nature is neutral. If you do what successful people did on their various fields, you must succeed. Success leaves  a trail.

Researchers in the field of personal development have found that all great skiers for example share certain things in common.

There are the minutest movements they all make which when videod and studied showed well defined similarities to each other. These minutest movements are called the ISOLATES.

One can therfore infer that in the game of academics, there are ISOLATES or building blocks of success. Just as atoms, molecules and ions are the building blocks of matter.


October 31, 2016 at 9:30 am

You say right imitation leads men to goal on earth but this thinking is not correct because role modeling rest on your choice what you want to be on earth. There is no role model on earth except the holy prophets who told us everything what to imitate in real life.

We select the role model tat we think in practical life therefore every body has separate role model to follow his aim on earth but it is not essential to learn from imitation is someone kills men shooed we imitate such person in real life.

Animal learn through their instinct not by wisdom or intelligent all the beast and birds follow their instincts not intellect while learning some thing from parents. They bound to follow their nature but man is loaded with wisdom weapon may some time follow one sometime follow two he changes at every step due ti his thinking power.

We cannot find a perfect role model to follow because what we are doing is against morality and ethics . For example you Tom Cruise as a role model, I say surely you cannot imitate Tom Cruise because the abilities and capabilities God has given him will not having the imitator that is why he will fail in role modeling.

Chase your role model but according to your natural trends otherwise failure is sure plus waste of time.