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November 21, 2016 at 12:50 am

There is Nothing like Having Full Mastery Over English

Filthy talk, there is one way of speaking that is like death itself;  may no Isrealite ever be guilty of it! Devout people do not wallow in such evil, and they will keep away from such behaviour. Don’t fall into the habit  of coarse, profane talk, it is sinful. You mighty forget yourself while in the company of important  people  and make a fool of yourself  with some  foul word that comes to you naturally. Think how your parents would feel! You would curse the day your were born and wish you were dead! If you fall into the habit of using offensive language, you will never break yourself of it as long as you live. Guide your tongue underwise you will scare people away from yourself.because there is some person which every words in their mouth always negative, they don’t have manner to speak to others politely, and many avoid them.