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April 22, 2017 at 1:48 am

You can title this quick post “Music Makes Magic” OR “Magical Music Instruments”. is a fun site where people publish lists of anything from the nuclear deal with Iran to schizophrenia to celebrity stalkers to fairy tales to musical instruments that have magical powers.

10 Musical Instruments With Magical Powers

Of course it was necessary to check.

Wanted to know if my husband’s guitar could fly!

You got see this list! They name instruments I’ve never ever heard of!


They have something called a “death whistle ”.

– Don’t want to know what it sounds like.

– Not the least bit curious about its magical power.  🙂


What’s an “ocarina” ?  (O.o)

And no! Before you say it because you’re probably thinking it.

No. It is not an instrument you play when you want to dance the macarena.