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June 26, 2018 at 7:19 am

Today I will start the new serie on WordPress, a free open-source build quickly website, the most popular today. This series I’m writing for all you Beginners learn how to build a website that does not yet have much knowledge about website programming. WordPress basics 1. Basic WordPress Series to write about this problem? About WordPress, of course! This series will present on most basic WordPress, from how to download, upload, install … And guide you to use, install, plugin interface … In General a lot of knowledge you might need to build a website, a blog for myself. After this series, you can master WordPress, each step building and using WordPress at a basic level. In the process of writing this series does not avoid the shortcomings, looking forward to your comments. Well as if there are any questions need more explanation, you can comment below that post.

2. Table of contents

1. Part 1: conceptual, installation and initial Setup 

2. Part 2: Manual Posts Tutorial

3. Part 3: Media management

4. Part 4: Manual Pages Tutorial

5. Part 5: managing Comments

6. Section 6: use with Appearance

7. Part 7: using Plugins

8. Part 8: managing members

9. Part 9: a guide to using the tools in the Tools section

10. Part 10: profile in WordPress

11. Section 11: hosting, domain