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June 26, 2018 at 8:17 am


On the internet there are 2 domain user from wordpress and is that. So often create confusion for you. But through this article you will understand the differences of them, to have the right option for you. First like the previous post, WordPress itself, i.e. 1 CMS for free. You can download the installation onto any server to publish content on the web. is the home offers open source code of wordpress. Here you can find official documentation as well as seek support, discuss the wordpress source code. is a distribution wordpress page as a fee and free services. It is also a product of Automattic is designed to help you create a website quickly, without having to install. But your website will have some limitations such as only using theme in offers’s list. Can not install additional plugins that can only use the features available. So I will choose and go deep into the wordpress download and install from

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