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March 2, 2017 at 11:29 pm

India is a country where cows are worshiped and where animals are looked as a part  and member of the family. But such a bad time has come now where people instead of worshiping and taking care of cows and other animals are breeding them and selling them to slaughter houses. The horror which these animals face when they reach the slaughter houses and the way they are carried and transported there is painful.

This was the case earlier mostly in other countries and very much limited in India but business attitude to make money out of killing living animals has made the lives of the cows and other cattle miserable here too. Some of the ways in which cruelty is inflicted by people involved in this mercenary trade is mentioned below.

These cattle are painfully tied together with ropes through holes made in their nostrils and beaten by humans with sticks as they walk the way to the slaughter houses where they meet a horrible end. This is a sort death march for them. If the same treatment were to be meted out to humans think what thoughts would run through their minds. If cows do not move out of fear of death or sensing some danger the evil humans in this industry break their tails and use chillies and salt to rub into their eyes with tobacco. The transportation is done in such crowded conditions that many of them end up with broken legs, bones and face suffocation.

The sad part comes when their throats are chopped in full view of other animals who will be crying for life and will certainly be terrified for their life but have nowhere to go to protect themselves. Necks, legs are chopped when many of them are still conscious and not but not the least many are skinned alive by these humans. One does not understand how one can do such a work day in and day out just for the sake of money. Should such a fate befall these humans at the hands of someone else would they like such treatment.

My simple suggestion to all readers is this if you do not want to be part of cruelty and killing just say no to any leather products and other byproducts of such industries. There are alternatives for leather which are available and being used. If this market is killed at least some part of this problem will hopefully be solved. Then one can think of the places where these goods are sent to and who are the exporters and take action for this inhuman deed. Some of the products which come out of leather industry is car seats, garments, shoes, vanity bags to name a few. Next time if you see yourself using a leather product remember it has come by killing some helpless animal.  One really  finds it appalling how humans justify this sort of killing when they would scream if they are pricked with even a small needle.

There are different social and religious organisations which are working the whole year dedicatedly to stop this trade since a long time in India. They have had their successes too and are doing the good work of stopping killings and rehabilitating cows and cattle. But this monster industry owned by humans is growing leaps and bounds which needs to be stopped. Even the courts of the land and the Animal Welfare Board of India and other similar organizations are doing their best to stop this cruelty to animals.

This has to come to an end. We the Hindus who worship cows and other animals and many other animal lovers and public who have a heart should support people fighting for the cause of saving these animals as they need all our love and affection. Think about this, humans grow up thinking about cows milk and then once they grow big end up killing and using their body parts and skin. Would any person  do any such thing to their mother when she grows old?

Cow  has a important role to play in Hinduism and is a nations wealth provided it is taken care of properly. It slogs its whole life for us and in the end we treat animals in such a way. Is this humane and right. Dear readers please support the cause of saving livestock and cows by sharing this article  to create awareness among all Hindu groups and each Hindu household and to people who love animals and are considerate towards them.

Say no to any products made of leather and promote and increase business of other industries which supply alternatives and stop this killing. The animals will be ever grateful to you for your help. You would also be doing a great service to Hindu religion and domestic animals which is nothing but good Karma.


March 3, 2017 at 10:50 pm

Humans are social animals and they are well evolved over a period of time compared to many other species so it becomes more incumbent as the one possessing knowledge, power and wisdom to see that all the other living beings who inhabit the earth with him are given a healthy, safe environment to live in. Before the introduction of money greed was a bit limited and the sense of hoarding the earnings did not exist as people lived on basic necessities.


As time went by human brain evolved and so did commerce and trade and this brought in a sense of competition for having a bigger share of the trade among different groups thus they spread out and started exploiting the planet for different things like food, livestock, skins, hides, meat and many other such things to sell the same by trading them and earn profits and become rich. This craze let to more greed and fueled more greed among the competitors each wanting to get the lions share.


This led to over exploitation of resources and depletion of different kinds of wealth like flora, fauna, habitats, ecosystems, climate, resources and many others leading to the situation where we find ourselves today. But now humans feel no shame to kill other life forms as they do not feel the pain they go through. They further justify this by telling that they are destined to be butchered and consumed they are meant only for our consumption and nothing else.


This attitude and unhealthy growth of development and population explosion in the world all together have lead to a stage where humans are on the top of the food chain. They end up consuming everything. If they are killed and consumed in this way they would request one to be humane and talk about big things like human rights. How can two different yardsticks be applied one for humans and the rest for others this is food for thought.

March 7, 2017 at 3:36 pm

Animal slaughtering is not about only leather production but also for the food production. Hinduism is not a religion but it is practise which evolved around the time. The time cattle were worshipped as God that time we did not have the process of breeding and farming. Now, we can breed them and use them for our need. You can see the change, once upon a time Chicken was banned for Hindu but as now it is taken as good food we can see lot of farms producing chickens and eggs.

You can say slaughtering is cruelty but you have to admit we are part of nature and food-chain exists even before religions started. Lion has to kill deer for it’s living. Man has to raise and kill animals to fulfil the need of food for billions of people.
And I feel animal sacrificing in the name of religion is more cruel than that is done in slaughter house.

March 7, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Thanks for your inputs and participation. Slaughtering for consumption or any purpose by humans is wrong. If the same treatment were to be meted out to humans. And people were slaughtered, butchered and sold as meat would humans like it? It is very easy for us to sit talk when we are safe but if we also face the same fate then things will be completely different and we beg for mercy. We also talk big about human rights and other such things when humans do not respect other living being and animal rights too in the planet who are also part of the world.


What is the use of education, knowledge and wisdom which humans possess. Humans are evolved and over the period of time have come to learn to and improve their intellect. But the problem comes  when they perceive  the world as  their personal property and theirs alone and other living being are subservient to them and are existing for their needs only.


If this selfish attitude does not go among humans the world will become a planet devoid of anything, humans will over breed they will not get food  and will start killing and devouring each other and it will be total cannibalism and chaos which will reign supreme. All the eggs, chicken, mutton and other animals which are bred and sold are very toxic as they are given artificial foods and injections and made to grow at a fast pace for the purpose of trading and are nothing but full of toxins.


It is upto people whether they would like to have a heart and mind in the right place, as when it comes to them they want one sort of treatment and be treated with kid gloves while when it comes to other living species they treat it as a commodity. And these are all the evolved humans who indulge in all this. Think about it.

March 20, 2017 at 4:10 pm

@krishnakumarks for stopping all this animal slaughter, large number of people will have to stop eating meat. Or else, meat production ought to be done of only dead animals, but I do not know if that meat can cause diseases.
Or may be, only kill very old animals in a better way, may be by injection?
Personally, though I am against such kind of a slaughter.
But practically, the imlementation is going to be very tough.

March 20, 2017 at 4:33 pm


Thanks for the inputs which it will be certainly difficult for the law enforcement agencies and societies to do the implemention as of now if there is a will it is possible to do that too. When humans do  find it difficult to suffer at the hands of others why do they inflict pain on other living being on planet earth is a big question which one has to seek the answer for.

If society really want to implement the rule and end the suffering of other life forms it is possible. Implementation is the key hope there is a collective effort and consensus which is arrived on this issue. The principle here being do not cause harm to other living beings as we are humane and that is how we should be. Let us wait and see what society and individuals  collectively do.