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April 25, 2017 at 2:19 am

The Day You Were Born Is Over . You Can Never Return To The Womb. It Was A Time When You Were Not Seen Or Known By Anybody Except Your Creator. Your Existence Then In Your Lonely World Solely Depends On God . He Alone Made Your Feeding Possible. He Protected And Retained You There For About Nine Months, Sometimes A Little More , This Was To Let You Know That Everything In Life Has Its Duration, Start And End. If You Waste It, You Can Never Regain It. This, You Must Always Keep In Focus As You Start Your Academic Journey Into Which Ever Sbhool God Destines For You,
A Lot Of Changes Have Taken Place In Your Life, These Are Of Two Kinds- One Is Visible
While The Other Is Invisible. All The Physical Changes In You Like Your Height, Physique E.T.C , Are All Natural, You Cannot Stop Them, The Other Change Or Development In You Is The Way You Think, It Is Not Expected That As A Junior Student, You Should Be Thinking Like A Little Baby Who Could Defecate And Still Be Playing With It, , Follow My Blog For The Rest

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April 25, 2017 at 2:44 am

The Physical Changes In A Lady Are More Visible. It Requires Care And Caution, At This Stage , You Will Realise That Even From Age Three Or Four, You Want To Be Covering Your Body. There Is The Inner Feeling Not To Appear Naked, This Virtue Or Modesty Is What Makes You Understand Your Physical Self As A Boy Or Girl Whoever Lacks This Is Said To Be Shameless,
You Now Know What Makes A Boy Different from a girl, in dressing you know a girl is different from a boy, in conversation, you know a girl is different from a boy, in bodily parts, you know both have some difference. all these are the designs of God. the perfect creator, he makes both to be different to be able to play harmoniously different roles . a good boy will definitely become a good father because everydaddy today was once a boy similarly, a modest and disciplined girl will one day become the great mother of the nation, the kind of life you live now tells the kind of future you will have. that is why it is necesary for you to think deep aboutfuture

April 25, 2017 at 2:56 am

When You Think Of The Kind Of Future You Will Have And The One You Want For Yourself, The Way You Think, The Kinds Of Book You Read, The Type Of Company You Keep, The Kind Of Film You Watch Or The Kind Of School You Attend Has Impact On Your Future.
As A Young Boy Or Girl In The Institution l ,you Are Going To Meet Several Students With Different Background, There Are Those Who Might Have Been Expose To Issues Like Sex, Having Boyfriends Or Girlfriends, Mingling Freely Or Chatting With The Opposite Sex On The Internet, E.T.C. If Such A Person Becomes You Friend, You Are Likely To Be Influenced Or Corrupted. You Will Start To Think In A Way To Be Like Your Bad Friend, Except You Are Immediately Guided And Counseled ,
Do Remember That Everything Has Time, Do Remember That You Are Young And Still Have A Long Way To Go. Remember The Best Time To Learn Is When You Are Young, You Should Know That If You Allow Issues Like Sex.Films Music To Preoccupy You, They Will Affect Your Academies And Future Life.

April 25, 2017 at 3:06 am

Be Prepared To Face Your Future. If You Fail Or Allow Any Friend To Make You Become Morally Corrupt, You Will Suffer It In No Distant A Time, If You Case Becomes Bad. Your Parents. It Will Sadden Their Hearts But You Will Be The One To Suffer It More. Your Parents Have Made Their Own Names And Have Attained Their Future. It Is You That Is Just Starting Life. You Will Do Well To Avoid Mistakes Or Taking Wrong Steps Than To Be Corrected And Censored Later.
Imagine You Get To Your Room And Find A Big Snake On Your Bed, What Will You Do? Will You Say That Because It Is Your Room And It Is Your Bed, You Will Jump Into The Bed And Sleep On The Snake? It Is Very Likely You Scream And Run Away For Your Dear Life! What Makes You Scream? What Makes You Run Away? It Is The Deep Knowledge And Conviction That Snake Can Bite. Even When You Have Never Experienced Such A Bite Before. You Ran Away To Save Yourself From Pain Or Dealth That You May Suffer From The Snake. This Is How You Must Safeguard Your Life. , Brain Warmin

April 25, 2017 at 3:17 am

Follow The Good Advise By Parents,teachers And Counselors On How To Live A Chaste And Focused Life. All Distractions In Whatever Form. Are Serpent Under Green Grass. This Includes Friends Who Talk About Sex, Invite You To Night Clubs Or Parties, Read Romantic Or Love Novels E.T.C, If You Truly Want A Pleasant,happy And Fulfilled Future, You Will Take Heed And Be Resolute To Face Your Academics Squarely And Build Yourself Morally, Remember Rome Isn.T Build In A Day

mention ways by which you can build yourself morally
mention ways by which you can build yourself spiritually
identify ways to know bad friends
mention ways by which you can focused on your academics,

peoples nowadays are into bad buzz, which am expecting something not,
it couldn,t be controlled because it has become too rampant,
that reminds me of my days uncle who do normally quote “a stitch in time save nine”

April 26, 2017 at 10:25 pm

And Moreso, If We Know People From Different Background And Location. We Will Know Everybody Basically Want Thesame Things, We Want Happiness,
To Be Happy Always Is What Majority Of Us Choose But The Question Is, , , HOW MANY OF US ARE REALLY ARE,
To Love And Being Loved Is Also Accompany With Happiness, There Is Inner Feeling That , If You Are Really Being Loved,then You Will Be Happy
We Want Hope And Fulfilment For A Better Future,
This Is Also Common Among Individuals Nowadays, For Example, We People Here, We Want Cool Cash , And That,s Why We Are Here, Though Some Of Us Also Tends To Dispense What He Or She Has Known,
If We Talk About Knowledge, It,s Not Easy To Gain It, But After Gaining, It,s Fruitful,
We Want Validation
People Really Want Validation, And That,s Why We Must Be Honest ,honest And Truthfulness Can Bring About True Validation,
We Want Family
Family As The Head Should Be Considered Vital When The Time Is Right, People Should Learn To Cope With Things, Note:family is power

April 27, 2017 at 10:21 pm

A Fulfilling Future Belongs To Those With Strong Vision And Resilence, , It Doesn,t Matter Where You Might Be Now, Starting Well And Finishing Strong Is What Counts., It Happened To Me Once Upon A Time, The Sweetest Thing That Could Euer Be, It Was A Fantasy , A Dream Come True, , , It Was The Day I Came To Realise This Life Is A Mere Passing Moment, Nothing Is Meant To Stay,
Moreso, Regretting Over Yesterday And Fear Of Tomorrow Are The Two Thieves Which Steal Our Present Live For Today, Life Will Be Beautiful,
The Winning Horse Does Not Know Why It Runs Because Of Beats And Pain. Life Is A Race, God Is Your Ride So If You Are In Pain Then Think, God Want You To Win, It,s Always A Best Idea To Appreciate Life Itself Even If It,s Not A Bed Of Rose. Contentment Is Not Fulfillment Of What You Wish But Appreciation Of What You Have . To Cover It Up
In A Great Joy, Never Make Promises To Anyone And In Great Anger , Never Answer Anyone, Try Following The Intuition In You, And You Will Avoid Many Problems In Life.