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November 29, 2016 at 11:56 pm

How does one feel if they see a tiger or any wild animal full of life?  A life of a human is meant to live for others and not to kill others whether it be a man or an animal. Respect animal rights as humans would like their rights guaranteed under law to be respected. Avoid mob mentality and celebrations after killing tigers, deer’s, panthers and other wild life. It is a crime to kill them and not to respect their space and territory. They are our nations invaluable wealth and must be protected whatever be the provocation or howsoever difficult it may prove to be a task to capture and tranquilize them and send them back to their place in the forest in case they happen to stray out of the forest for food in summer months or during drought or lack of prey. I do agree it is a very difficult job but if one looks at the yeoman service done by the forest department officials and  the department of forest the world over. Each and every citizen of the planet has his job cut out. Remember killing and mob mentality is a negative trait which is well avoided in case you happen to come across any such situation do call police or wildlife. Professionals in the field are supposed to capture and not to kill as they are wedded to the cause of conservation and wildlife in letter and spirit. Actions speak louder than words.Think about it and reflect and leave them alone by not loitering and wandering into their territory Like it and share it and spread the message around for a better world.

November 7, 2017 at 1:56 pm

Yesterday there was some good news from the northeastern state of India which is a corridor for wildlife poaching. The porous borders with the neighbouring  countries are ideal for poachers to easily get into the country do their act and take the hunt to the place where they are to be traded all over the world. There are some locals also involved in this trade and that is the sad part. Despite the best efforts of conservationists and the law enforcing agencies and even after conducting innumerable raids and arrests poaching continues to thrive as there is demand all over the world.

In this particular case a huge cache of more than 50  Geckos which are bought by people from pet shops abroad and are liked to be kept as pets in the house by citizens worldwide by purchasing  them for a huge price were being smuggled out.  They were being smuggled in very pathetic conditions and they would have had a tough journey till the time they reached the markets worldwide. It was a great job by the Indian authorities along with antipoaching staff. We need more such efforts to save wildlife and conserve them.