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January 10, 2017 at 3:34 pm

This is a problem which has been festering for a few years especially after the new dispensation of state government has come. I was surprised to read about Durga Pooja not being allowed in the state of Bengal. And the police being mute spectators to the tamasha being indulged in that state. I am unable to understand what the right minded people of the area are doing.

Here it is not a question of whether Hindus are sleeping, afraid, do not want to speak or are facing any threats from any source or sources. If one is not allowed to profess his own religion in a democracy in his or her own motherland for whatever the case may be it is a constitutional failure of the state to protect the citizens and their rights and see that they have no fear and are able to perform pooja or other normal ceremonies without any problems as allowed by the constitution. Something is going wrong somewhere if such events keep happening.

One more thing this new trend of issuing fatwas for one reason or the other has to be stopped. I remember when the former president Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam’s statue was being installed in Tamil Nadu there too we had a fatwa, in Kashmir too clerics has been indulging in these activities. These people are supposed to pray and offer namaz and guide the followers on the right path. But they seem to be indulging in extra curricular activities. We also have the case of the Delhi Jama Masjid Imam involving himself in politics. This same trend continues in Uttar Pradesh seminaries and the list goes on and on. Kerala has started to become one more problem area.

Sorry to say the truth. The people encouraging them are the politicians who search vote banks in these unreliable pockets. And all of them are collectively responsible for this mess since independence. Zakir Naik’s case is now legendary and he is cooling his heels in Saudi Arabia. Why are we giving them so much of leeway. Is this how Governments of the center and state supposed function whatever be political idealogy aside it should always be the Country first. No one how so ever big or might has the right to fool around with the country and its sovereignity.

Politicians of the state, centre, courts, law and order agencies and intelligence agencies and the so called secularist and other political parties, the award wapasi brigade, the so called liberal thinkers, and also observe some channels which keep jumping up and down have gone silent on this issue and are keeping quiet or have gone into hiding and become mute spectators either deliberately or because they have nothing to say and offer as a solution.

As for common people they can only voice their view as they are not supposed to take law into their own hands, so action has to come from the governments who people have voted to perform and who should be showing a will like in the case of the surgical strike.

If peoples patience is tested it will prove to be a costly affair for one and all especially for the people who give fatwas and their adherents. Democracy if it is there should not be misused and stretched too far. These fatwas and such other nonsense means that there is no democracy or rule of law in Bengal. If people want to do such things there are better and fertile places which are welcoming. Do not fool around in the country with such acts as it is a regressive and inward looking exercise of a closed mind.

Playing politics on these sort of issues at cost of the country will prove costly and there are chances of this spiraling out of control out of everyone’s hands. Remember there is no point in ‘locking the stables after the horse has bolted’. People should not be divided and made to fight with each other with the above activities.

The law and order, constitutional authorities and appointees, judiciary, constitution is supreme. not fatwas. Think, discuss, share, introspect and evaluate the situation on the ground before taking any decision. This is the thing all parties can do with a cool and collective mind and then think of acting for the betterment  of the country and its people.