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March 25, 2017 at 12:01 am

This is a question which we ask our family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues in the office and members in the society whom we may be knowing since many years and share a warm relationship with them through the thick and thin or times. The question sounds simple but the answers for the same are many which range from the simple to the most complex ones. For some the answer may be I am fine, for others it may be I feel miserable for a few other it may be I am neither happy nor sad and there are many more complex variations as we check with or speak to each individual.


This variation happens with the change of situations and what the person asked is going through at that particular point of time. As the human mind is unpredictable it is difficult to predict who is having what in his or her mind. It is also a matter of general courtesy to ask this question ‘ How are you feeling’?  This question also serves an an outlet for many people to express their emotions when they are asked this question.


It helps reduce burden on the mind and makes one feel someone is there to enquire about me and am my well being. This brings a feeling of hope in that person. This is very crucial as the world lives on hope. A hope for a better day, a hope for ones wishes to be fulfilled, a hope for meeting someone special, a hope to spend time with ones family and friends, a hope to look forward to something positive from life.


The list can go on and one but the question is only one. And the answer lies in the persons state of mind at that particular time. Friends ask this question to someone who deserves to be asked the same as that helps them a lot and keeps their mind sane. Do you agree with what is stated above in the article? Express your views and have a day with a great feeling and lot of feel good factor. Best wishes.

March 30, 2017 at 11:42 pm

Today I carried out an interesting experiment with whoever I happened to meet and I asked them the heading of this particular topic. How are you feeling? Some were happy to share their thoughts while a few others were unhappy and shared their thoughts too there was a third category of people who did not find any big change which they could share as an answer to the question which was asked to them.

While there was a fourth category who were going through  troubled times and felt relieved when they shared their thoughts in response to the question. There were only a very minor category of people who did not have anything to say on being asked this question.  But what surprised me was how many people were wanting to share their thoughts on the question as to ‘How are they feeling’? In conclusion what I felt was that majority of the people liked someone asking them this particular question and good or bad situation they were happy that someone was asking this question to them. Try it out for yourself.


November 7, 2017 at 3:20 pm

Today I asked this question to myself after being away from the computer and other gadgets for a long time. I am pleasantly  surprised to say that the answer for me is ‘Very Fine’. There are some important reasons for me to feel this way as I got more time for myself to introspect as to how things have been going.

There were many hobbies which I was able revive. I spent more time with family. I could concentrate on work with more focus and it has also helped me refocus and readjust my lifestyle. It is good I for one to keep doing these at regular intervals and stay with the times that one is in. One more thing is that one can get new information and material to write more articles.

It also helps to reflect on what one has been doing and how one can better the same to get more out of the energy that one expends on a given task. These are only some of the few things which one feels when one is feeling ‘Very Fine’ after a break from the system and online stuff. Now comes the important question to ask yourself  ‘How are you feeling’.