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November 30, 2016 at 2:47 am

Garam Garam Chai: Tea time wish snacks. How is roadside tea prepared in India on a large volume? Masala Chai (Indian … Commonly called Chai tea by westerners,  is prepared and served and consumed by many, like in shops (such as jewelry stores) or purchased from roadside vendors called chai wallahs. I would root for tea anytime. We can never match the taste of the chai made by the roadside tea-stall vendor. It usually has a set of additives and it‘s boiled at least twice in one tea making process and consists of ingredients like spices, teapowder of different varieties, ginger, garam masala, sugar, milk, water. The price too is very cheap and quality is good especially with old timers who have their stalls since more than 25 years. The taste varies compared the upmarket hotels, resorts etc., It is generally consumed with biscuits or samosas or even curry puffs and cakes. If you like the Taste of India blend, its a good idea to just ask  the chaiwallah the next time. Chai is a ubiquitous drink in India. It is also made at home but the taste will differ compared to the one made by the chaiwalla. It is a micro business providing livelihood and employment opportunities to millions across the country it is a very big market of which no proper recorded study has been made of date. One more interesting is the Indian Prime Minister has come to the position from being a chaiwallah which in itself is a great acheivement and  goes to show that in India anyone can reach the top post with hard work and determination. In case you are going to taste chai make sure the place is clean and the shopkeeper knows the value of cleanliness and uses the normal sugar and not any chemical like sachirin. You can make out about the place by observing the crowd and the number of years he has had his stall. As a good reputation is not what one would want to lose.

November 7, 2017 at 3:01 pm

After a long time I had the opportunity to have tea at a road side tea stall. It was morning seven in the morning  and there was heavy rush as people wanted to sip hot tea and move on the their respective places of work. The stall has been there since the last ten years serving tea and biscuits. There have been some changes especially when it comes to cleanliness.

There was also the message of the Swatch Bharat with the picture of the Prime Minister of India as this is one of the many initiatives among the cleanliness drive being carried out by the present government.

One more interesting information is regarding the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who used to sell tea in his childhood and help his father in his business. It reminds one of the struggle of every Indian who struggles to provide for his family and helps in nation building. One more thing I remembered is the ‘Chai Pe Charcha’  basically  debating while sipping a cup of tea. This has been followed by the Prime Minister even with the with the world leaders. One more thing this proved is that India provides an equal opportunity for one and all.

If one wants to shine like a sun one must learn to burn like one. Only then can one expect to reach great heights in life. What one does with it is altogether a different topic. As I finished my tea the bus came and I proceeded with my journey.