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January 8, 2017 at 4:47 pm

Tigers are having a tough time and are fighting for their survival. During these unfortunate times, I would like to put forward some interesting facts about tiger cubs and some special behavior which they exhibit. No doubt they look cute and are a fun to watch and observe when they are with their siblings or their mother. Let us know about a few facts about them with the message ‘Save The Tiger’.

1) Tigers cubs cannot hunt until they are around 18 months old.

2) They will be with their mothers for around two to three years.

3) Once a hunt is carried out the male waits for the mother and the babies to have their share first.

4) The female tiger gives birth to a ‘litter’ of  cubs.

5) Half the tiger cubs born do no survive for more than two years.

6)  From around eight weeks they  move out of the den with the mother.

7) They tend to start becoming independent once the reach around 18 months of age.

8) A litter consists of two to six cubs which have to be reared by tigress.

9) Cubs are blind at the time of birth and tend to open their eyes between

1-2 weeks of birth.

10) The cubs eyes once they open are generally blue.

11)  They are dependent on their mother for milk after birth.

12)  Once they become independent they slowly start marking and setting up their territory or area.

13) They are totally dependent on their mother for protection after their birth as they are blind and cannot move.

14) The gestation period before their birth is around 16 weeks.

15) Some cubs are born black at time of birth but it is a very rare occurence.

16) The Sumaratran tiger is smaller when compared with others and this feature helps them to be safe from predators.

17) The cubs are taught tricks of the life ahead by the mother. The best student among them has more chances of survival.

18) The cubs fight and play with others in their group and this is a crucial part of their education for the life ahead once they are grown ups. The mother keeps a watchful eye on their activities and corrects them when needed.

19) As in most cases Bengal tiger are creamy coloured.

20) Usually they are born between the months of  February and May after the gestational period.

Hope readers found the information about tiger cubs interesting and useful. Unfortunately they are being snatched away from their mothers and being reared as pets by rich and wealthy people around the world. They are poached and sold when young to safari or game hunting groups to be trained for it. Some are sold to the zoos and other are killed by traditional medicine men and quacks for performing rituals to get special powers. There is nothing far from truth and this behavior by humans and the poaching and illegal wildlife trade is disgusting and demeaning to them. They should be left alone and their space should not be encroached.

They should not be used for illegal trade and hunting by humans. These are some of the disgusting behavior which humans indulge in. They use the blood, bones, skin, tail, eyes, genitals and their meat for consumption and nails and bones as aphrodisiacs and medicines. They are also killed due to bullets, clamps, pits and electrocution and man animal conflict.

This stupidity has to stop and the tigers which remain have to be protected.    Share this message and spread awareness as if tigers are there forests are there. Live and let live.