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October 24, 2016 at 3:51 am

Man has been on earth for more than two and half million years. Details on his origin are still not complete.

Members of the Christian religion believe that God created man forming him from the sand of the earth “in his own image ” and breathing into him his breadth of life.. 

Alot of scientists however, believe otherwise. 

Over the years, a lot of scientists have devoted themselves to the study of the prehistory of man(men who lived in the period before man invented writing) and almost all of them believe that man developed from man-like apes that first lived on earth more than five million years ago. 


These man-like apes were called Australopithecus(southern apes). Fossils of these manlike apes have been found in some part of Africa(East and South),java Island  in South-eastern Asia.

The australopithecines walked erect, had a brain about one-third of the size of modern man’s.

Two basic types of australopithecines were believed to have existed ;the larger type which stood about 5 feet(1.50meters) tall and weighed about  54 to 68 kilograms. 

Many scientists believed that  the first human beings developed from the smaller australopithecines while the larger ones become extinct. 

This belief is based on fossil record of smaller australopithecines found mainly in Eastern Africa which showed that these creatures looked more like a man than the larger type. 

Some scientists believe that these creatures were possibly the first human beings and should be called Homo habillis(skillful man)  because evidence that showed they made and use tools, live together in groups like human exists. 

October 24, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Yes man’s creation on earth has been more than three millions years but the exact figure no body knows. But the creation of man is with the passage of time with mud and water and mixing in it air, fire, earth and water.