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October 24, 2016 at 3:07 am

Over the years, by about 1200BC,a form of early man emerged. This  early man was mentally and physically more advanced than the australopithecines with a height of 5 feet(1.50meters),a sloping forehead, large chain less jaw and a brain about twice that size of that of an australopithecines. He was called homo erectus. Scientists called them erect man.

The homo erectus lived in Asia, Africa and Europe. He made and used choppers, chopping tools and hand axes. He also made and used fire, wore clothes as well. 

Fossils of homo erectus have been found in Java, near Heidelberg Germany and near peking China. 


Homo erectus was followed by homo sapiens(wise member).


However, scientists know little about how and where Homosapiens developed from and replaced homo erectus.

The modern man, Homo sapiens, sapiens a subspecies of Homosapiens is thought to have developed about 35000BC.

 Fossils found dating from that time and later have shown human forms resembling various people of today. An example is the cro-magnon man who lived in Northern Africa,Western and Central Asia, and also Southern Europe. 

The Cro-magnon  man had a height of 5(1/2)feet (1.70meters).He also had a very dare resemblance to the present day Scandinavians. 

A Fossil of another more modern looking man called the Rhodesia man was found in Southern Africa.

Scientists however do not know the age of the Rhodesia man, nor do they know one of these early men. The Neanderthalers are related to modern man.


Till date, there is no conclusive evidence on the might of man. Christian belief of his creation from the biblical account is based on faith while the scientists based most of their observations on fossil record. 

Fossils records are however not conclusive because they do provide information on exactly how, when, and why these developments occurred, thus the inability to man’s  development in details.