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November 28, 2017 at 12:55 pm

People talk about health all day but they do not know why do people fall prey to diseases dangerous and less dangerous? It si a mystery for all of us but not for wise men. It is said that there is no smoke without firs and it is a fact that there is no disease that carries not a solid cause.

The root cause of all disease is our negative thinking that closes the cycle of human cells in human body thus brain stops working and sending messages to life organ to act upon. But people do not believe in this what I am saying but it is  afct and a solid fact on earth.

Negative thinking in our brains comes due to lack of greed and lack of knowledge but men are ignorant of this golden rule of nature is truth and truth is nature. When man was created there was no negativity in his body and, soul and spirit. I=Negative thinking is man’s self creation on earth.

It is a poison for health and a snake for other people that is to maintain health we all have to say goodby all types of negative thinking otherwise we ill very soon fall prey to different types of diseases.

First of all human soul becomes ill, after this spirit becomes ill and at the end its result has to face human body in shape of disease. For God’s sake give up the habit of thinking negative in practical is not supported by God and His Ministry. A positive thinking on earth is supported by God and His Ministry for the betterment of humanity.

March 29, 2018 at 6:36 pm

Health issues are a pain for many yet they are very present in our everyday lives. Pain and discomfort i guess was meant to be part of the human body and overall. The one thing i know is that the root cause of health issues comes from within and the brain. Because whatever you feed your mind is what comes to being. And then again the other thing is the food that we feed our bodies with. We may not see the after math when we are eating that food at that particular time but as time goes by it starts eating up our organs because of the chemicals in those foods. So it is good to eat healthy and choose wisely the foods that we put into our mouths i guess that will save us some time on this earth.