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September 29, 2018 at 7:13 pm

Monthly, few women dread the onset of their periods and the discomfort that accompanies the shedding. Most women have tender bre asts, bloating, and muscle aches a few days before they start their periods. All these signs are normal but when they disrupt your daily life, you need few hacks to ease the pain.
Like the breakouts, pain, headaches, cramp, fatigue, and irritability, among others. Here are few period hacks to ease that monthly pain:
Exercise regularly. Follow a regular exercise routine, even if it is just walking for few minutes. This will increase your mood levels, detox your body, improve your skin quality, and leave you with an overall feeling of well-being before and after your period.
Use a hot water bottle with a twist. Another cool way to use the hot water bottle is to lay on your back and put the hot water bottle on your lower back. It works better than putting it directly on your stomach.
Sleep on your side. I know some will not agree with this hack, but it works for other. It is extremely hard to get comfortable when you are menstruating, especially when you sleep. Try this position and see the changes.
Don�t be caught unaware. In my recent post, i stated the importance of having an emergency period kit in your handbag. Some of us don�t know when it will come. To avoid that stain, always keep a small supply with you so you are not caught unawares.
Follow a healthy diet. Make healthy changes in your diet, try eating whole grains, raw, fresh fruits, and vegetables because there are many benefits to following a healthy diet.
Increasing your water intake and get plenty of rest. Get a good night�s rest throughout the month. This is the time when your body processes what you have done during the day. Remember, the ideal amount of sleep needed is 7 to 8 hours.