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June 27, 2016 at 2:19 pm

Liver Laceration is the most easiest term to understand about my illness. I got it from the accident before. I was riding a Public Utility Jeep and asked to the driver to drop me on the side of the street, I was the only passenger during that time. You know when I was about on the door, the driver literally drop me on the ground and run his vehicle as fast as he can. I was left there, unable to stand and I felt the intense pain.

When I had an xray in the hospital, the laceration was not there. All of my internal vital organs are intact, there was no problem, but then I have continuous fever, pain in my muscles, nerves, I always have this carpal tunnel, migraine, eye problem. I know most of you always see me posting about me having pain and all that on my blogs on Blogjob.

I found out the laceration year 2014 when the doctor made an ultrasound. She was seeing this big hole, but it was not a hole, it was a laceration. My doctor on the first paragraph is not the same as my doctor when I had my ultrasound though. My first doctor failed to see there is something wrong with my liver maybe because she only had xray, not ultrasound.

So my doctor gave me some pain medication and medicine to make the laceration stick together. I thought it healed me because I able to get back to work, but then 2015 up to present the pain keeps coming back and the start of forever fever. I started coming back to the hospital because of internal bleeding and it really makes me scared. The laceration is now big so it needs a surgery now.

Of course, doctors will not move without you saying you have a money so I am praying for that money to come my way soon.

This is how a liver lacerated.



The doctor said when you have lacerated liver, the first one that will be affected is the side, mostly the picture of lacerated livers are always the same. The same cases happen to anyone who have liver lacerated. The lacerated part is the reason of internal bleeding.

June 27, 2016 at 6:15 pm

oh sis, this is bad.

That bad driver should be punished for being so selfish.

He had hurt you and now you are in pain.

I wish I could help you out.

All I could do is pray for you.

Then as for now, only the pain killer can cease the pain temporary.

I am sure with the surgery, you are able to recover.

Please do not overwork yourself as for now.


June 27, 2016 at 6:21 pm

@grecy, Hi sis, I am so sorry about the accident you met before that left liver laceration.Let us be thankful that it did not turn out cancerous. By the way, I shared your sickness to hundred Mylotters and they all pray for your recovery. One mylotter told me, that you can ask financial assistance to PCSO and Red Cross. Tel your sister, or any capable member in your family to go to these offices. Another, you can also approach to your local health clinic and local officials to give you assistance.I was told by my friend that there are already many patients financially assisted by PCSO. By the way, how much is your total medical fees? Take care sis.Never lost hope.God is a  merciful God and He heals.

June 27, 2016 at 8:35 pm

@lovern, I’ve also been sharing about sissy Grecy on mylot, that I feel so helpless and can’t help her.  Yes, there is help out there sissy.  I’ll continue praying that you find the way to get the surgery done or that God will heal you!! <3

June 28, 2016 at 3:06 pm

@JoDee Stout, sis go to Blogjob there are many bloggers there who can help Grecy. I am going to write my millionaire friend foreigner to help Grecy.I hope he can feel,

September 22, 2016 at 1:29 pm

First of all sorry about all the trouble of having to go to hospital all the time for check God and medications it must be very tiresome but I pray that you will feel much better and get back to yournormal self. There is no one who ever wants to become sickly so we all try to take care of ourselves th3 best we can. But there are things that are inevitable like accidents and calamities that we cannot avoid. Anyway why didn’t you due that bus driver who dropped you off and took off? That is a hit and run accident he should have been taken to court and charged it is very wrong when people escape from such problems, i hope he was caught and apprehended he shouldn’t go Scott free. Anyway all the best in your recovery

September 23, 2016 at 2:56 pm

grecy, you are lucky sis to have survived from that sickness. My friends told me that if a liver is lacerated, no one can endure and no one can have a chance to live.Most patients having liver lacerated died. That is why prayer is a very strong weapon to fight odds in life. You have to thank our Heavenly Father for giving you the reason to live , To God be the glory.

March 17, 2017 at 2:40 am

Most of the patients that I came to know in the hospital that has the same case as mine already died. I am not sure if I am the only one survived. I am surviving and I want to survive. It is hard but nothing is easy in this world. if you want to have something, achieve something, you have to work hard and pray for it.

My existence up to now is because of my faith. I know God will always be there to cure me and he is curing me every single day. I just need to believe in my faith.