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September 3, 2016 at 2:11 pm

There are so many persons I meet and only very few are smiling and friendly. I do not know it is hard for them to smile. Yes there are times that we are problematic and our feeling is affected, thus making the self refuse to smile.If we smile, it also means we are kind. There is no unkind that likes to smile, usually frowning.There are really people despite problematic, their eyes continue to smile.If there are smiling lips, there are also smiling eyes.the second shows kind attitude.

December 25, 2016 at 3:34 pm

Sometimes a smile can trap us. Let us not immediately believe from someone’s smile as genuine.There are pretentious smiles.There are also smiles that lead to tarp us. Only believe a smile as true, sweet and revealing if derive from a friend, family, sweetheart, co-workers and neighbors. Do not right away respond the same sweet smile to a stranger hehehe, so weird responding a sweet smile from the unknown.By the way, how do we describe a smile as sweet.I always meet these words sweet smile from any source. Is there sweet smile hehehe? Maybe we call a smile sweet if see it absorbed to our heart,lols.

Why do I also say that a sweet smile may trap us? Well, friends, I knew of someone who was trapped by the smile of a stranger.Then the guy came nearer her and asked her name and ph number . She also gave her mobile phone number which was wrong.Her cellular phone was an iPhone. Then the man asked her to write his cellular phone number and that was so fast, so the guy said, ” I’ll be the one to write my number, only to realize that handsome guy with a very sweet smile was a SNATCHER.

The young lady collapsed right away and no one knew that the young girl has a heart problem.On that instance, she had a cardiac arrest and died on arrival to hospital.Fortunately, with her was her friend who witnessed the scene and reported the matter to the police. The culprit was arrested because an iPhone has stored app that informs your location.The criminal was captured inside his hideout with the use of the iPhone that he did not know how to use. The criminal was sent to jail and later escaped and known to be under the influenced from drug. After few weeks, the brother of the victim, a police official and was the one who pledged to capture the suspect.The suspect was found in a drug’s den, but he resisted arrest and shot the police, so no choice, the police killed the suspect the snatcher of the iPhone of his younger sister that succumbed her to death due to heart attack.

Conclusion: Never look at nor smile back at strangers.