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December 24, 2016 at 12:52 pm

I have thoroughly studied the secret of diseases in human body I find nothing but the reveling negative thoughts  in the whole body through human pores. Every disease enters into human body trough water and air. Human thoughts are air and nothing else.

When someone thinks negative about anything or watches any negative things the negative air enters into human body through pores and nose and entering into soul any negative thing makes our soul ill and we fall ill. To save body from any minor and fatal disease we must keep our thoughts positive.

When any negative thought enters into human body it terrifies human soul anon entering not human body through pores and nose men becomes ill without cause. Keep in mind mind, first of ll human soul becomes ill and after this its flow upsets by negative thought thus it does not reach in the whole body through blood. and man becomes ill.

Three energies work in our blood at a time, the energy of soul, the energy of live and the energy of psyche. Three rhythms maintain human body health. if any one of the rhythm fails to run with the other two forces man becomes. Negative thought if one of the main hindrance in it.

December 25, 2016 at 8:17 am

Wow, at least you have discovered this through your study and high profile nostrils hehehehe. Yes, I agree with you.When we think of negative thoughts, our body gets weak and if having positive thoughts the body also reacts positively. Our body is so sensitive that whatever comes onto the mind the body reflexes react making the self feel something bad so sudden that you wonder why get sick when you have many vitamins against sicknesses.

But humans as we are, we cannot avoid to think negative sometimes. there are reasons why cannot escape this truth. It is not all the time happiness to feel. There are times loneliness and upsetting mood dominate though in few minutes, but the impact is so strong that the feeling weakens the body.

It is hard to make our life perfect. This is because we have  vulnerable heart. It easily gets down and other bad feeling , the sickness follows. All we have to do is to be strong and rise every time we fall.MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIEND.

December 25, 2016 at 10:24 am

You are right but if we get rid of greed we may be positive anon. Greed is our enemy on earth and crushes our souls like a tiger tears into pieces a deer. I always think of others’ goodness because goodness has reward on earth and in heaven.

Mood is nothing depends on our positive and negative thoughts, greedless and greedful intention. The world is a sordid boon for us if we are full of greed my friend Cely. I advise my cute friend Cely to spend sometimes in the lap of nature will not deceive you, betray you you and will teach you how to be happy all day and night.

Those who think negative i am sure belong to poor past and poor family back ground all things springs from the genes that we get from heredity, our character, our thoughts, our feeling and all types of moral greed as lust, love, hate, jealousy, malice and dread…

My friend, always love nature, sit in nature, and spend time in nature as garden, full of flowers will teach you how to flutter hearts happily, fresh air will change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, birds’ twittering will teach you how to love each other….thanks…do not ill at heart my advise. Thanks. Cely.

December 25, 2016 at 2:09 pm

@jhsayyar,Merry Christmas friend. Thank you for your advise, very much accepted. Yes, you are right, we have to deal with nature as we are humans part of nature. My favorite place to go when I was in Auckland is park. I feel so cool and fresh when I am with mother nature’s work. I jog there and everywhere I can find flowers. That makes the people there in good health and most of them live too long.They reach up to ages 90 plus to 100, wow too long age.

If we always see the beauty of the world we are also carried with how it deals with life.Life is so beautiful and there is no reason for us to b negative .There are really negative people.My elder sister is always negative.If there is something I say, she answers in negative.I felt sorry for her,I can never convert her belief of some negative thinking. If  I tell her that this is the best, she answers how do you know when you do not not what is next, my goodness not encouraging. That is why there are times that I no longer share to her my plans in the future for she will surely answer me in negative. I am not a negative type of person.

December 25, 2016 at 3:28 pm

you have explained it nicely  The negative thoughts will have reactions and the positive ones will have positive reactions. These are involuntary reactions So one should develop himself to have a control over them. Is it possible for a human being? I do not think so Sometimes, unknowingly we come across situations which develop negative thoughts The only remedy is to avoid such situation. If we practice like that even then there is no guarantee that we will not become ill. But, as per your saying one should think what might be the reason for his illness and find out a solution for himself to overcome such illness.

February 7, 2017 at 2:02 pm

When you read the topic of this post you wiuld think its all about diseses and sickness and how it is caused in the body, but as you continue reading it turns out to be about our lives and how we live it. Positive living has always turned out to be a plus in our daily living. When we keep sending negative vibes to our minds then we are sure to have aome weakness in our bodies because negativity drains the strength out of us. So i do agree that we all need to keep a positive attitude to be able to live and stay a healthy life.