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December 19, 2016 at 12:02 pm

Sometimes I think what is the future of mankind? I think nothing because we are making progress in the field of science but ignoring all God’s Commandments knowingly keeping in mind just worldly pleasures and forgetting death for which we all are born.

We have forgot our brilliant past, brotherhood, love and old tradition have lost in dead sea of dead thoughts. We all have forgot love, God and religion that is why In think, the future of mankind is dark and dreary.

We have also forgot the old tradition of our forefathers, prophets and saints all over the world. Keep in mind there are just two religions on earth. The who follow the path of sin and those who follow the path of goodness. Let us what path we are following in our practical life.

I have seen in Pakistan that on every Eid occasion black marketers  raise the prices of things under the protection of government. Think what is think? Once Socrates said that people will fly and it will be the ruin of mankind on earth because the other side of measure will be down means the fall of civilization is the fall of man on earth.

I have seen with my spiritual eyes what the people are doing on earth you cannot imagine. People have invented new religions the government does not take action. why? they are involved at the political level underhand. Keep in mind no great work may be done without the support of the present government.


December 19, 2016 at 9:08 pm