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December 19, 2016 at 11:35 am

I have watched keenly the whole world religions on earth from east to west and from north to south that cunning peoples have turned religions into traditions all over the world because they know if the people will know the importance of religions their dead spirit will awake to turn turtle the political of the whole world.

Politicians have separated religions from political matters. Politicians have given religions in the hands of priests, mullas, and Gurus and have keep politics in their own hands to rule the universe under the protection of religious peoples on earth

Roam on earth, you will find people following the priest and Gurus and mullas not the teachings of holy prophets. They have all turned the teaching of prophets according to their own will and wishes for political purpose.

Think, the priests, Gurus and mullas hate world but collect wealth a lot why? Political leaders collect wealth a lot but for people wealth is curse on earth and it is their judgement. Political leaders and religious leaders  embezzle national wealth is goodness but the same job is done by common people is a cruel sin against society.

What is this? Nothing but the corruption of political leaders and religious leaders. Political leaders and religious leaders have divided men into two groups, a political group and a religious group.

December 19, 2016 at 11:17 pm

To my own view on this I think religion is ones belief, a personal God, a system of faith and worship and tradition is culture been passed on from generation to generation, as a way of life of a particular group of people.

However, tradition and religion is inter related, if their is no religion then nothing can be called a tradition, tradition and religion works hand to hand, if it happens that tradition is just tradition and not traditional religion, then I don’t see the unity in there or believe that means it can’t be reliable and might be flexible and not strong or have a solid foundation, but when that word called religion is been attached to it then their is always unity, understanding, strong in their faith of what they believe, and it goes in a long way and pass on from father to son, mother to daughter, from generation to generation.

Concludesively, religion can never be strong on it own without tradition, likewise tradition too, nothing can be thwarted from it and nothing can be added to it that is why is called traditional religion.