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December 12, 2016 at 7:49 pm

i have meditated too much and conclude that on earth that man made products have some guarantee but God made product Man has no guarantees of life how many years he or she will live on earth because sometimes we see that infants die after birth. It is a law of  nature that we are born to die. 

Daily some are going and some are coming is just a play of God. Nobody knows tomorrow he will be or not but hope is such thing that keeps men active and stimulates men to do something for future. 

Hope is the main pillar of life but hope comes from trust of God and trust of God comes from fear of God. Sometime I contemplate in lone modern men have lost both fear of God and trust in God that is why, we are facing problems on earth natural and unnatural. 

Tomorrow is just ab dream and today is a reality and has its physical beings while on the contrary tomorrow has no being. In today deeds is hidden the tomorrow seed.