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October 26, 2016 at 3:18 am

I was browsing through the horror category on Netflix when I came across a movie called 1920 London. When I first clicked on it I had no idea that the movie was an Indian movie. It’s in one of the Indian languages but thanks god for on-screen translation. So I can watch and read at the same time.

I love horror movies and I have found Indian horror movies are little more frightening than the American kind of movies. The main stars of the movie are: Arun Bali, Meera Chopra and Gajendra Chouhan. The are new to me since I’m not very familiar with Indian actors. However, I can say in this movie the actors were quite good.

So what exactly is this movie about? A woman finds her husband is experiencing some problems with his health and mental self. He was given a gift from someone named Rajasthan. Shortly after receiving the gift is when things started happening. It was like he was possessed by a demon.

Shivangini contacts a spiritual healer and guru named Jai. The story then follows Jai as he exorcises and helps the possessed man.

It kept my attention on the screen throughout the whole movie. I can honestly say I was a little scared afterward. As anyone else seen this movie?

October 26, 2016 at 12:07 pm

Ok you watch horror movies but it leaves a bad effect on your memory i do not like to watch horror movies but watching love movies and historical movies to enhance my information.

In every movie supernatural elements are used to awake pity and fear in human soul it is the point on which the movie earning money rests but. is any movies awakes pity or fear in the watchers’ heart the movie is considered hit and successful actually we see our inner reflection in the movie and declares it successful in public.

December 25, 2016 at 12:57 am


Don’t recall seeing this movie. Don’t really like horror movies but watch them on occasion. You’re right that the Indian films are a little more scary than the American ones. We subscribe to Netflix. Thanks for the suggestion!


December 25, 2016 at 7:23 am

@evilelf, hehehe, I never watch a horror movie.If it happens, I cannot finish the story. I hate horror because when I close my eyes to sleep, I can see through my mind the entire happenings.Plus, my friend had a heart attack while watching a horror movie.Not only that, many died in their sleep because of heart attack. Our hear is so vulnerable to carry the harsh actuation of the characters.

I watched once but just a mild horror story in TV, but after that I promised not to watch horror because, I find it hard to sleep, hard to erase those images seen in TV or movie. Especially the one you mentioned here, it seems so scary grrrrr, chillllll.Many like to watch horror like Vampire and Dracula, I do not know why they like these movies. The movies we saw seemed real and I truly appreciated the characters that portrayed different roles. They are very skilled and professional.