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May 15, 2016 at 7:00 pm

What is the most horrendous recently are crimes that involve children.  Crimes that include captivity, those of a sexual nature, abuse, and kidnapping.  What has gone wrong in recent years that some find it almost gratifying to hurt a child?  A recent news story about children being chained outside like dogs brought on extreme disgust.  Another question is; the people who inflict such pain and torture on children, why are they having them in the first place?  Mental illness is associated with some of these cases but when some find themselves in situations in which they cannot handle or the pressure may be to much to bear, the options to seek assistance in regards to mental issues are available.  What is the most heartbreaking is that some children are forced to deal with it.   Then there are stories about babies being left all over the place; in the garbage, toilets, parks, and even on the streets.   Again lines of communication are apparently broken especially when you have some young lady who claims that she did not know that she was pregnant and became scared and put the baby in the garbage.  This is an controversial issue but what can we do to protect our children.  Our law officials can only do so much to prevent crimes like the above.

Kidnapping is even more disgraceful in that some do it for several reasons; for their own sexual satisfaction, to possibly sell the child for self benefits, personal reasons, or may be just to kill.  As of recent there have been an enormous amount of news story which involve children and it would be fair to say that some with mental illnesses find it easy to prey on children due to their fragile state.  Fragile state meaning one may find it simple to persuade a child with child-like things such as candy, toy or something that a child really enjoys.

One person stated that any crime committed against a child; whoever did the crime should feel or get the same punishment.  It would be interesting to hear everyone’s input on this.