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September 10, 2016 at 4:58 pm

What exactly is going on in this world of ours?  Are some just that self-absorbed that we do not consider the innocent when committing a crime?  While reading the daily news; it was reported that a couple who overdosed on heroin, overdosed while in their vehicle but to make matters worse; they did so with a child in the car.  If one was to look this up, you can see the two adults in the front; one in the driver’s seat and the other in the passenger’s seat; both look as if they are on the brink of death.  Then you see a child in the back seat.   Thank goodness they apparently had sense of enough to put the child in a safety child carrier before they decided to indulge in such reckless and detrimental behavior.   Now more on the down side to this.  What if the child unhooked the seat belt and decided to wonder?  Is this child’s safety at risk?  Just imagine that this would have happened;  There are several possibilities; such as the child could have wondered out into traffic, got hit by another vehicle.  The child could have been abducted and/or just wondered off and have been lost then evidently died because children that small and young can only survive for so long.  It is completely sickening to constantly hear about these so called adults who decide to live disadvantageous lives that involve children and feel that there will be no consequences for what they do or they know the results and just do not care.    But what is really unreal is the fact that some think, “Well, why did my child end up like this or that”?   Think about it!  Is it something that was done by this adult and the child or children are simply following this behavior?  Come on!  It is not rocket science.   We cannot fix everything that is going on in this world but at least we can be good examples for the children of this world.

September 10, 2016 at 5:36 pm

There is only one primary source of crime, and that is addiction.Second to it is alcoholism.Other reasons might be personal like revenge, grudge and jealousy.There is no normal person wanting to commit a crime.Those criminals already behind bars are mostly under the influenced of illegal drugs.Just take a look of the case of Pistorius, he is with drug ,that is why he mistook his girlfriend as an intruder.That was a big lie.He really wanted to kill his girlfriend  a celebrity. 

There are also many innocents that stayed behind bars innocent. They cannot afford to pay a lawyer, plus they lack know how to defend themselves.There are so many innocent people in America jailed without a crime committed and few reached old age before they were known to be not guilty.But at least they received mullion dollar compensation.What is that money for when the innocent prisoners were deprived by freedom and rights to live in dignity.