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December 1, 2016 at 4:57 pm

This happened three months ago,  a teacher stabbed to death by her young student , age 15 . The teacher was fed up. She kept on telling her student to stop texting and doing some selfie activity for her lectures are so important. It will be their third grading exam after that killing incident.

It was not only five to six times, the teacher stopped the student. Because the teacher was at that moment angry at not respecting her request, so she went to that criminal’s seat and confiscated his cellular phone. That made the student angry and he never copied the examples written by the teacher on the blackboard. The subject the teacher taught was Mathematics and that student was so poor in math, so the teacher wanted his attention.

There were 38 out of 45 students present that morning.The classroom was so quiet for the students silently copied the examples written by their teacher for after writing she will explain.While they were on that scene, the criminal student stood up and without fear and pity stabbed the teacher several times. His classmates were so shocked and no sound came out from their mouths due to sudden fear of the actual crime seen by their naked eyes.

The criminal fled after he got his cellular phone inside the teacher’s table. That was so horrible crime in the classroom with that shallow reason. It was learned that the criminal was a rugby bot and the parents were at fault for not warning the teacher about their son rugby addict.The parents were also sent to jail and their criminal son at large for few weeks now land in social services office.8825711-a-hand-print-with-red-color-istolated-on-white-background

Under the Duterte administration  age 9 can be convicted to a crime committed. The boy, age 15 , is now in  detention cell serving his crime for life.Gone will be his hopes and dreams.

Drug kills.

December 1, 2016 at 5:23 pm

Very sad Cely, my friend a very bad news for all of us be I am also lecturer in English. It means the teachers must advice to the students what they are doing right or wrong or it is sign of corrupt education in the class or the parents did not teach the students what is respect of a teacher in the. Yes, many factors are involved in this matter.

It is a serious matter of the whole world’s teachers where they teaching because such must not be admitted in the any  school or college or university keeping in mind the staff security.  Such rotten eggs must be thrown away from the schools anon.

December 1, 2016 at 6:22 pm

jhsayyar,That is true. All teachers now are on red alert. Our university guards have their daily check on student’s pack bag. CCTV cameras are installed in the vicinity of the campus building to building, floor to floor. It was a horrible crime. That teacher was too young to die, age 29 and master in Math.She left 1 and 3 year old children and desperate Engineer husband. The entire school, system was so shocked.

That criminal may not kill if he was not influenced with bad friends who are rugby and marijuana users. That criminal stated to sniff rugby at age 8.The parents were not able to stop the addiction of their only son.usually only child is abusive and lack control The parents cannot also impose strict discipline because of fear their son might stow away.

The parents are also sentenced to 12 years behind bars. Under the new president of the Philippines, parents who lack discipline and neglect their responsibilities to the children will also be charged by law.

I am so careful in dealing with my students always caught texting and calling in class.I told them,I won’t confiscate their cellular phones to SAWO office for proper sanction, but to auto deduct 20 points of their score in my class record.Despite I announced to them the deduction f score,still they continue texting, so I told myself, I just grade them according to what they get.I won’t anymore give heartaches to myself. It’s me to suffer and they so relax. No way!! I plan to fail many at the end of the term as I usually do.

Teaching is a laborious job if students misbehave and stupid.580196_561172593920800_934628736_n

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