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August 3, 2017 at 3:49 am


I want to encourage everyone who is married to focus their thoughts on their spouse. Just In case your thoughts have already wandered, please, bring your thoughts back to your spouse. It is very easy in this our present world where there are so many distractions for one to get lost along the way but I beg you, bring your thoughts back. Just maybe, you are already far gone, my candid advice is that it is better for you to be with your wife or husband and give them your whole heart then to set yourself up for a fall. It’s a set up that does no one any good in the long run.

You can untangle yourself from this deception by learning how to fall in love with your spouse several times over. You can fall in love with your spouse repeatedly. There is no limit as to the number of times you can do it. Retrace your steps to what made you fall in love with them in the first place. Can you remember the things you were doing when you were in love with your spouse? Start by doing them again. A sweet marriage is not all about what you can get from it but also what you are willing to give and sacrifice. When you focus your love on your spouse you are actually loving yourself. When you start playing outside, you are scoring goals against yourself. Cut off that man or woman that is distracting you now and retrace your steps. Your love for your spouse can come alive again. Just make the effort. Don’t believe that lie that its gone forever. Start dating your wife again. Make her your only girlfriend and treat her special. Start treating your husband special again. Prepare that special dish you know he loves just for him and you alone. Your marriage is special, treat it special.

I see your love for your spouse coming back to life again. God is interested in your marriage and He is already at work in your favor. Don’t give up on your marriage when God has not given up on it. You will live to enjoy your marriage.


Culled from Kalu Igwe Facebook page.