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May 2, 2017 at 3:33 pm

I do hope so. But I think times have changed. Greatly changed that a Christian voice, collectively,  is losing its effect on the people and society in general. But why is that happening? Is it because generational gap and misunderstanding that has become problematic? the anti-Christian, anti-conservatism is just too loud and noisy for people to be

Or the anti-Christian, anti-conservatism are just too loud and noisy for people to be able hear and have a silent grasp of the spiritual and the truth? I think, we should not allow these liberal totalitarian one-mind-one-belief system any longer. They have to stop, once and for all!

I think, Christians– young and old, rich and poor  must wake up to the fact that equal rights to freedom of expression of our Biblical foundation, conservative values and principles also have a powerful place and voice in influencing society for  greater good and God blessing our nation.

There must be a true turning back to God and inner change of hearts.