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June 20, 2016 at 6:39 pm

Fathers Day greetings

Every third Sunday of the month of June is traditionally celebrated as Father’s Day in some parts of the world. We do celebrate this in our country. This is a special day for all the fathers whom they are honored and are given the great accolade as the great father who brings up the spirit children of God to being according to the “nurture and admonition of the Lord”.

With this annual occasion for the father, I remember my late father who is so humble and meek enough to rear up as his 6 children of what we are today. I have learned the 8 principles in life.

Thus, to give him honor and to recognize him as the best father of our family, I have put these 8 practical things I’ve learned from him to practice. I have valued these so much and they became a part of my way of life. I know there are one thousand and one values my father has, but these eight things I would like to give emphasis as far as I am concerned as the youngest of 6 children in our family. These things I may consider as the only tribute I could give to my late father. They are as follows:

1. Taking Time Out for God
2. Instilling Untarnished Character
3. Doing Best in Work.
4. Giving Importance To Books
5. Providing Opportunity To Grow.
6. Never Influencing His Children of His Negligible Vices.
7. Caring Not Only For Us
8. Being Considerate

image credits: pixabay