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June 12, 2016 at 8:13 pm

118th PH Independence

It was on June 12, 1898, when our country the Philippines was liberated from the 33 years of government under the regime of the Spanish Government through the battle fought by the Katipuneros, the local insurgents, organized by Andres Bonifacio who was incited by the works and writings of Jose Rizal, our national hero. The whole country is celebrating the 118th Philippine Independence with a Kalayaan (Freedom) walk by the teachers from their respective divisions all over the country to their public plaza.

In our local celebration, Dr. Annabelle Magbanua, a dean of a big university in Negros Island Region (NIR) is our guest speaker. Her message is center on Rizal’s heroism. She focused on elucidating the acronym RIZAL which stands for Respect, Independence, Zeal for service, Availability of choices, Loyalty. She also cited the notable traits of USA President Abraham Lincoln of his perseverance. She concluded by saying that the Filipinos have fought for their freedom and they haven’t failed Rizal.

image credits: taken by my mobile phone