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May 15, 2018 at 11:12 pm

Every page of the
Bible is a hymn to
by Augustine, c. 354-430
You have heard the account of
the two disciples who met the
Lord on the road to Emmaus
and yet did not recognize him.
When he met them, they had
lost all hope of the redemption
that is in Christ, they were
convinced that the Master was
dead like any other man, they
did not realize that Jesus
inasmuch as he is Son of God
was still alive. According to
them he had left this life
without being able to return,
like one of the many prophets.
Then the Lord revealed to
them the meaning of the
Scriptures. Beginning with
Moses and quoting one
prophet after another he
showed that everything that he
had suffered had been foretold.
After that, he appeared to the
eleven disciples and they
thought they were seeing a
ghost. So Jesus let them
touch him, the one who had let
himself be crucified. He was
crucified by his enemies and
touched by his friends. He
healed them all , the former of
their wickedness, the latter of
their unbelief.
Yet the Lord did not consider it
was sufficient to allow them to
touch him. He wanted to
appeal to the Scriptures to
confirm their hearts in the
faith. He saw us in
anticipation, who had not yet
been born, who do not have a
chance to touch Christ but do
have the opportunity to read
about him.
The Apostles believed because
they had touched him. But
what can folk like us do? By
now Christ is ascended into
heaven and will only return at
the end to judge the living and
the dead. On what base shall
we build our faith, unless it be
those Scriptures with which
the Lord wanted to confirm the
faith of those who touched
He revealed to them the
meaning of the Scriptures and
showed how it was necessary
that the Christ should fulfil all
that had been written about
him in te books of the Law of
Moses, in the Prophets, and in
the Psalms. The Lord went
through the whole Old
Testament. He seemed to
span it all in his embrace.
The Scriptures are in fact, in
any passage you care to
choose, singing of Christ,
provided we have ears that are
capable of picking out the
tune. The Lord opened the
minds of the Apostles so that
they understood the
Scriptures. That he will open
our minds too is our prayer.