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July 13, 2018 at 1:02 am

This are people  in power trying  to  gain  everything  all in the  name of setting  up a terrorist  group in other to destabilize  the sitting  government  then but to their chagrin it gone out of hands that they themselves  cannot stop the group any more  because the group have tested power illegally  from their sponsors and every body is now facing the and dancing the music. But the question  is since government doesn’t  want to  fight them as it supposed  now didn’t  you see that they I mean Boko Haram has backups from the upper level so unless  those that  are on top stop their selfish  interest and face this lions that are wearing  sheep clothing these mess will not stop.And for them to do that  it means betrayal  to them that is what holding them but ask those in authority  they will  tell you that it has gone out of  hands but because of selfishness  they kept quiet and the masses  are suffering  it without  any justice giving to those that  were  affected.