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#MeToo Feminists Have Gone Rogue
February 19, 2018

Old-school feminists have begun echoing the voices of our male peers. Which is nothing strange, but cheering,  for  the conservative modern ear as the redemption of ‘men in the wilderness.’

Thank goodness! Our male friends are quite perplexed surrounding these #MeToo excitement.  We’ve seen it all before. We, of us who feel for our male allies. They’re worried, and are laughing at us at the same time, because they’re free of guilty and a lot of them demand that justice to knock right on their doorsteps. I agree and I throw a hug at them it need be anytime.

Bold. Louder. Relentless. Rather, the #MeToo  justice-challengers of the extremes have spelled out arguments calling out wrongful accusations on innocent men. The media buzzfeeds on mainstream rage demonizing the male counterpart continues.

Of course, we recognize this week’s outcry shouted out by Germaine Greer, U.K., challenging the delayed-reactionary #MeToo women who had undergone the horrifying leering sexual predators. The likes of Weistein should be punished and he shouldn’t get away with his evil deeds towards women who only wanted to further advance their careers in the showbiz–hoping, they wouldn’t have to “spread their legs and be nice to the Weinteins of Hollywood.” Annoying such  horrible human beings preying on women! Nevertheless, the likes of Bill Clinton while at the Oval Office, should be castrated and locked up for rape and use of his power.

The fight for the ‘Votes for Women. Chastity for Men’ dates back in the days of the 19th century suffragettes. They fought for political equality. And men knew better to control their sexual urges and be subject to women’s demand for respect and dignity. The good ‘ol days of genuine gentlemanliness and true femininnity with women!

She, Germaine Greer, bluntly told off women to directly and immediately do something by taking action at the time of caught-in-the-act of leering men, such as Harvey Weisntein and Bill Clinton– for the promises of million-dollar jobs in the movies and  or in politics.

So far, the ongoing #MeToo campaign has received applause in our society with increasing crowds of marchers, ‘blow-up- the-White-House’ sexually indifferent women. Protesting  that they speak for us, as sisters, telling us that victimhood is such a redemptive, safe place to be.  “Hang in there, gals! We have the money and power.”

But there are more women in need of standing up for– rallying for–such as women who aren’t as free and strong as these liberal feminists are. I remember the women who were gang-raped in Germany on New Years 2015-2016.  Shouldn’t we, sisters, be outraged for these real victims of sexual perpetrators and assault?

Let’s cut the BS crap that “all men are believed to be sexual jerks that lurk at every turn on women,” even among the morally decent men in our midst.

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Doing Way Too Much is Not Really That Bad
March 27, 2017

If you’re a young person in your 20s, or say, in your teens from 16-19, you’d rather have fun and merriment all your life.   Considering High School and University joy-killing homework, studying and research, which you think–and actually believe–that you don’t deserve all this stuff, you’re stuck.

But hey! You only live once, and better get on with it and suck it up. You want some excitement.  It’s the only life and time of your chutzpah days will ever know, you’ve always reasoned. And they’re legit and logical wishes to have.

You want some excitement.  If you’ve got the choice–lots of it and not only somewhat sporadically–you’d be waiting and serving tables or landscaping, either your parents’ lawn or other people’s as a job, so you could make money and spend it on a dream-cruise or a weekly hanging-out with a few close friends, which, you know that your parents cringe whenever you go to the pub on Saturday nights.

It’s the time of your happy, carefree days. And you’ve made up your mind to launch your rocket-ship-spree with your life while you’re young.  You see, Mom and Dad could hardly date out as much as they want to, just because their money have already poured out for your books of academia, tuition fees, sports, learner’s permit driving lessons and  phone charges.

You oughta’ get a job! That’s the main thing.  A real good, regular job that demands hard work. You know, the kind of muscle-work that exercises your brain to think and show up for work every day.  You work not because your employers ‘badly need you’. But because you need  money. You work because you still have the youthful strength and good common sense. And money can be had only with work.

As your mother always says, “I don’t get my butt working so hard at home to feed you and give you nice clean beddings every day.”  Now it’s your turn to do a good turn for your home, families and society. Because you can! That’s good logic, isn’t it?

This kind of doing too-much,  though you feel pooped at times, is not that excruciatingly damaging to your brain and pockets. Not necessarily bulge your pockets and bank accounts with good and honest money through your sweat and life put into it. But doing too much til you produce things and get results that benefit you, your family, your society and your bright future looking ahead of you.

And yeah, because you are a good kid, Kid. A real smart one.

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Limerick Poetry: Odyssey 2016 Politics
September 24, 2016
Limerick Poetry: Odyssey 2016 Politics

Limericks are supposed to be funny, satirical and fun to write. I think, generally, they are. It’s fascinating to get hooked on writing limerick poetry when I mean something and I want to hide the hidden meaning. As well, to dodge getting hit.

Here’s the first stanza. I’ll have a go with this one about what’s going on in my head.

Oh, what torment of choice

Caught between the Liar and the Voice

Odyssey’s Scylla, the monster,

Seizes and sucks brains to conquer.

Oh, Dame Scylla, that isn’t fair and nice!

That’s how political satire get around in the Internet, get away with it and win an audience. While I admire these get-it audience who can take the joke in good humor. In the good ol’ days, satire on politics to convey a message was widely heard, discussed and are open for stirring amusing debates.

You, Deplorable Voice!”, the Dame Scylla’s epithet

Six-headed monster, she is, what does one expect?

On Scylla’s  shame and peril

The Voice will trump Dame of Feral.

Why, oh, why isn’t Scylla caught in the Dragnet, yet?

I can dodge a hot topic with politics without appearing dodgy like scaredy-cat. Without appearing snotty to my liberal side of totalitarian ideas that can’t take a joke. Hey, it’s fun to lime a rick in this kind of guessing game (I just made up that word).

Voice on ship, wake up!  You can’t sleep!

No longer shall you deplore in the deep.

Darn it! Crew in whirlpool sail

Scylla’s lair shan’t prevail

Awake the Ship, go buck up, don’t you flip.

This limerick poetry looks superfluous. But I’m really over the top with this full a’ nonsense.  The characters are from Homer’s Odyssey‘s monster, Scylla. And myself, the Voice. The Ship is the Crew where I’m in.

I’m done for now. Thanks for being game!

Copyright by WYZ’DAT? 2016

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Idioms on Politics: “Another Nail In the Coffin”
September 22, 2016
01 Idioms copy

It’s rarely that I refer to idioms. But, gosh! I’m flabbergasted at myself that I’m using an old 1920s idiom to express politics. Right here, right now at LiteracyBase. I do wish that nothing written is another nail in the coffin.

In the political field, I hear a lot of former governors, senators and traditional presidential candidates  speak in idioms on interviews when asked about their perspective on a lot of issues, mostly, that have received controversy from the liberal elite.  How is it that interesting, funny and witty expressions make you wonder why the mainstream media don’t get it and just throw them into the casket of ‘deplorables’.

With research, I could blog more idioms for my theme on LiteraryBase. It’s fun and educational. Metaphors, like arrows, target the chances of analogy on point of views I wish to convey in the political theme… er… arena.

Mostly, people frequently get it. Idioms are frequently objects of wit and humor. Careful not to step on toes. Careful not to create boo-boos when in fact I’m speaking idioms– leaving the smart readers the benefit of their own thoughts and doubts, if any.

 Speaking up a voice to express an opinion or a point of view, the use of idioms is likely my choice to leave ample room for critical thinking and further discussion.   With the wave of student campuses in universities smothering safe-spaces, the politically-correct cradles the narrative baby—the victimized whiners– of being attacked by “racists, misogynists, and hundreds of  __+phobic-of-all sorts of names who must be shut down to the graves.”  Well, thankfully, not all of our young independent  thinkers believe this way.

In the fear of being misunderstood to be injecting an agenda– somewhere and on someone— that my non-partisan nature of blogging might otherwise appear partial to a particular candidate.  I’m open to discussion with a smile.

If then some misunderstanding occurs, then this blog could be another nail in the coffin against freedom of speech and the use of creative thinking.

Warning: I hope this post isn’t the last straw as a “suicidal note” to a path of more blogs to come in the future.  Blogs with some kind of nuances on political humor.  If allowed.

Copyright by Wyz’Dat? 2016

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Writing Outside the Box: The Kitt’n Got My Tongue
September 15, 2016

I’m on LiteracyBase. Now what? Where to begin? Where to nestle in a comfy spot to start writing?   I’m curious like a cat to see who’s and what’s circulating in the buzz. Who’s purring relevant topics of interest for me to jump right in.  Of should I jump right in without looking like I’ve just pounced on a poster?

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