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Jane and her way back home.

She had no dreams, And in the morning the woman in black wakes her with wack on her head, It was time to get out of her room to be sent to the old rusted stair way. every time she was not the speed that was good enough for the woman in black she would get a jab in the back. She started to feel a little inside of fear of what was a the bottom of the stair.She could see the door a rusted door the same as the stairs. Jane heart started to race as she was throw down the last of the stairs and into the small room beneath.Jane got to her feet to see a room with a dining room in a mess like it has never seen a broom or mop in the one hundred years.The woman in black throw a bucket with broom and mop , and pointed at the mess. Jane got locked in another room just as she had her so clean she is thrown into another to clean. Jane thought of a way to get out she can not send anymore time cleaning up. Jane had to clean, but was going to come up with a plan to get out to a place she was meant to be. As Jane sweep she thought of the way she can do it without getting caught.The dust was wiped and she was able to see what height she was at. Jane looked to see out the window at the base of the tower and just need to get out of the room, but then her challenge starts. She cleans the room and makes it tiny and looks for the item she will need to get out of a window with bars and the items she needs to make it though to the other side of the forest. Jane found some rope,bread,some sheets, and a knife ; she wrapped up what she found and took the book also. she was searching for something to pry the bar on the window, she found a pry bar and the window bar were no issue as they were as rusted as the other metal in the tower and she was able to climb out on to the dirty ground.Jane wiped of her dress and went on her way.She took a way that she could not be seen , so she went don’t the side with no path. The walk down the volcano was quite uneventful and the way down way not clear cut, but she make it in only a few hours and arrived at the open of the forest and this is where her finding way to were she was meant to be. She found a clearing in the woods and made and a rest area as she was on her feet all day.

Jane and her way back home.

Jane is a beautiful woman at the age of 18. Five foot nothing with a athletic build, and wavy black hair that touches her butt. She is very smart but does not enjoy the company of most people.She was raise in a tower in the forest of the Dreadful volcano of death; where she has had not contact with the world around her sense her abduction on the day of her birth. The only interactions she has is the old woman the dressed in a black dress with a hood as though someone just died, and the random animals that came her way. She spends a lot of time looking out her window and just letting her mind roam. Down the tower and the volcano and over the hill flying right in to the sky, but no matter how hard she try she can never see anything other then what she can see. She needs to get out and she don’t know how but with that thought her book case fell down.Jane walked over to her bookcase and saw there was a book. She pick it up off the floor and saw that is was a brown leather backed book for writing in, and it had a lock. a Red ribbon held a note with gold writing on it. Jane untied the ribbon and read the note which said ” The key is in the back of the mind and all will be seen in a blink of a eye”. Jane had no clue of what to think of the note, so she picked up her bookcase and books, and rearrange her room for a feel of a new look. She never remembered falling asleep but she was in the sky looking a her self as a baby in the arm of a man. The man hand a very loving face with black hair and beard that covered mot of his face, eyes brown with the highlight of gold and silver making the speak out with out him having to speak. The word were calm and low almost a wispier and was talking about how the natural ability can be unlocked with a key, The key is in the place in our mind where we don’t do in any point in time. look this thing in the eye and you will unlock what was hidden inside. She woke up with a thump of a broom on top her her beautiful head, She fell asleep while cleaning and must finish before it is seen.She thought of her mind and what has she lost, how can she find it, and why is it lost? She eats very little of the cabbage soup she was given, as all she was doing was thinking about the most she can remember of the man and the room in her dream. The man was tall and built like a bull, his face is similar to Jane’s. Skin the color a caramel latte. Hair the black as the night sky,cut short,wavy as the water a the beach.Large Emerald green eyes that sparkle like the stars. Tall and broad as thought he could throw a building. The robe he wore was made of the brightest gold and a crown on his head with a set of three gem, red white, and green. The room is very Large and spacious with lots of books that are all the same as the book she has but in different sizes and shapes. The center of the room has a round table made from a tree trunk the free must have been a million feet. The table had a cloth of gold and a arrangement of flower with all the colors of the world.The room is a dining area where people come to eat. Jane start to feel very happy in this room and can start to see it as though it were a movie playing in her head. She can feel the love of her father once again, But the feeling as though she need to stop came very fast and she was knocked off her feet. She felt a lost when she looked out the window; all she could think is where is my father. It started to rain so Jane needed to shower. rain water made her mind be able to rest for the day ,and feel clean again even in her tower dungeon.

Two Rude Uncles Yelling to the beat

ommy Smart was thinking about Annie England again. Annie was an energetic monster with hairy eyes and dirty legs.

Tommy walked over to the window and reflected on his fiery surroundings. He had always hated Hot At the secret gate to hell at the edge of the planet. with its raspy, ratty River of flames. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel anger.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the an energetic figure of Annie England.

Tommy gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a hopeful, patient, Vodka drinker with red eyes and sticky legs. His friends saw him as a glorious, green giant. Once, he had even helped a gentle puppy cross the road.

But not even a hopeful person who had once helped a gentle puppy cross the road, was prepared for what Annie had in store today.

The moon shone like Drinking owls, making Tommy confused. Tommy grabbed a tattered hawk that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers.

As Tommy stepped outside and Annie came closer, he could see the horrible glint in her eye.

“I am here because I want revenge,” Annie bellowed, in a bold tone. She slammed her fist against Tommy’s chest, with the force of 2031 monkeys. “I frigging hate you, Tommy Smart.”

Tommy looked back, even more confused and still fingering the tattered hawk. “Annie, go to hell you soulless beast,” he replied.

They looked at each other with fear feelings, like two huge, handsome horses Fighting at a very selfish birthday party, which had Heavy Metal music playing in the background and two rude uncles yelling to the beat.

Suddenly, Annie lunged forward and tried to punch Tommy in the face. Quickly, Tommy grabbed the tattered hawk and brought it down on Annie’s skull.

Annie’s hairy eyes trembled and her dirty legs wobbled. She looked Sad, her body raw like a kaleidoscopic, keen knife.

Then she let out an agonizing groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later Annie England was dead.

Tommy Smart went back inside and made himself a nice shot of Vodka.


Our little walk on the path of blood

I do not where this path may lead, but till the end we will go.
A forest opening is clear and a path of red like the blood from a head, the trees are tall a tall as the sky, with no leaves or life are visible to your eye and the sound of screams are far and wide.
We walk along a path quite fast till we come to a very old man. with a beard of white stained with dirt and old food you dislike. His clothing the same dirty and ragged like he has not a bit of water to clean. As we pass he spoke up in a huff. he pulled a knife a fast as a blink and came at us, as he is the guard of the forest no no one shall trespass. He attacks with persecution but with a flip of my foot, there goes Mr old man on the bottom of the the sink hole with the many he has killed.
So we walking the light slowly fading with the noises of a very large ravine, The sound is is loud and is telling us to “GET OUT!” The sky is black and we can not see but all we feel is the claws of it feet! Up we went 100 feet to be dropped to our death. With no thought grab the bird under it wing and cut till I fell toward the ground toward the water.
With a bit of luck we survive the fall then come upon the nastiest of the wildest Boer on the path back to shore. On the path the Boer has teeth as sharp as knifes, ripping into a humans spine.The image of the flames of hell coming through his eyes shoot out as her starts to sense the new meat to his surprise .Then with a whip of his head upward to the sky he throws the man in the sky and then swallows the him whole.
Now with the only path blocked by a Human devouring Boer a plan is need and was needed quick.The only way is to get him to come in and use the animals that may live with in.The first thing we get some vines to use as some rope,knocked you out sorry my friend this is the start of your part my friend, I tie you up nice and tight and cut you up so it will make him bite, and throw you in to see if the Boer will try. Our plan has worked out right he start to run into the water. he gabs your arm and before he rips you into I stab him in the brain. You live with only losing two of your limbs.
We come to the end of the path. where all seems clear I have you on my back , and we are almost there but then we came upon a bear. I sorry to say but we did not make it home that day. We are dead and you know why because we thought we could not die. In the End the lesson learned is to never go down the path of blood or you may die.

What I am learning to make my like more educated Part one

I am trying to learn things that will make me educated in anything that may make my life better and more effective.
The the search of more education online I came across a site where is can learn for free and at my own pace. It is called Alison and so far I am loving the site it is easy and I can see that I am getting smarter at the topics I am learning.
The First think I started was a typing course and Touch typing training.
I was very interactive and I enjoyed seeing my self learn and pass the course faster then expected. My ability to type got much better and I find it much easier to type long story’s.
I am a creative person and typing more effectively is a way to help me with my writing.
I have desided to write down what I am learning , so I can see the process from the each thing I learn and the thoughts am am having about it. So let begin.
I am now starting English Writing skills, and and looking forward to learning new things and being a better writer is very important to me.

Description of course
English Writing Skills is a free online language course which is designed for anyone wanting to improve their writing, or English students who wish to enhance their essay-writing abilities.
Covering a number of different styles of writing, including comedy, descriptive, spy, thriller, instructional text, opinion pieces, poetry, as well as punctuation, this course provides you with enough guidelines to express yourself creatively in a variety of writing styles.
After completing this course you will learn about different writing styles and the importance of the audience. You will be aware of the triggers for writing. You will gain a good knowledge of story, comedy, descriptive, mystery, instructional, opinionated, poetic and reflective writing. This course will enable you to write effectively based on your target audience.
Writing has been around for 6000 years to communicate about their thought, ideas,views,opinions,their history and visions. We have always had the need or desire to write. words can be spoken but be lost in time but if written can be read for all time.
There are many different styles of writing and many different ways to write. Sometimes people write for themselves, a very private audience, and at other times the audience is the whole world.
Writing styles
People write in a variety of styles. Think about writing that appears in a newspaper, in a poem or in a novel. The writing differs in many ways. It varies in structure, language and complexity.
Business letter-“…what we need to ascertain is the viability of supply and the possibility of alternative sources of…”
Poem-“…as the mountain lilies danced the flamenco to the standing ovation of the grass…”
Letter to a friend-“…watching Linford Christie win the 100 meters was amazing. I wish you’d been there too…”
Written instructions-“…Next the flange needs to be carefully placed against the flat section of the upper box…”
Newspaper report-“…the Minister for Sport and Recreation stated, “this is the greatest event”…”
Part of a love story-“…The moon could be seen glinting through the wet trees as Gwen and Louis crawled toward the safety of their car and away from the…”
Editorial from a newspaper
“…we suggest that the UK government looks carefully toward the future. Every year, an area of forest the size of Scotland is being destroyed by…”

What is a writer?
What I think a writer is a person who puts, their ideas and thought into word or people to read, or for themselves to read.
A writer can write about anything they want there is no limits on what a write can write.
Who can write?
Anyone one can write as long as you write out your thought and ideas into words.
Is all writing serious?
Writing can make be serious and other mt make your emotions change from happy , sad, angry, or even fear.
Writing can get us informed on this we want to know or make us think of things we might not have before.
Writing can teach you of people you do not know or places you have never been.
They is all types of writing out there for everyone needs.
What are the types of different writing?
Short stories,essays,novel,report, and poems
Real life stories,made up stories,letters,notes and emails
Films scripts, play scripts, lyrics to a poem, radio and television scripts, speeches, media releases, diaries and journals
Bios,Autobiography,magazines and news paper articles and instruction manuals
Wills, public notices, advertisements, news reports, personal thoughts, comedy skits
Is all writing good? No not all writing is good they can be far from good.
Does all writing have a message? Yes all writing is there to rely a message to the reader and so message is needed in all writing.
Is it important to consider the reader when writing?
Yes it is important to consider the reader because depending on the reader it is meant for needs to have the appropriate writing.

Tomorrow I will be moving on to Triggers for writing. See you then and I hope you may have learned a little to.

My love for you is the best of me; a random letter/poem

I wish you could see the love I feel and not what you may how much you may fell I do,
My love for you is much stronger then you even can describe; My love you for never a thought.
If I was ask by you why not?
I am going to say the things that make me know I love you.
1. We I love at you I got to remember to breath; even after 6 years
2. The thoughts I get when I see a girls smile and it is not at me( ohhhhhhhhhh YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM THINK ABOUT THAT!) 😉
3. The pain I feel when you fall out of you wheelchair is real to me.
4. My thoughts always seem to return to you even if my thoughts are random.
5. My effort in putting my all in us is All my effort
I thought all my life came to how you even can tell you love a person? Not some one you knew forever but someone you met in the world and have a connection.
I have done so many crazy things and all of them were just because I love with everything in me.
Love is putting everything and never expecting nothing. Love is pain and tears,but together. Love is the fear of not having them their when you wake up.
Love is that in any moment if need be I would protect you at all cost.
Love to me is that before we met I never cried at the said sappy parts of most movies, after….. well I cry like a baby and I do not even mind because you are right there.
Love is me feeling only safe if you are there with me ; even though we know I am no wimp
Love is feeling alone unless you are with me.

On the path the the Center of my soul and the the path I took to get here chapter two. And the my first book.

The dreams were always there, sometimes I may be in the forest or other on a ship thin the middle of the ocean, but in the end I was in search of something and everything was stopping me from getting where I was going.
My youngest sister was born and my dreams where starting to speak to me as if I were taking to long, At this age the dreams have become more like I was looking for something that was just there and was meaningless.
I learnt was to not dream and it worked for a time, after a while I just started hearing and seeing things during the day when I was awake , My life was hard and keeping this dream from passing on this message I can’t even remember is going to see me to a nut hospital.
I started to try and remember as many details as possible about my dreams and what seemed to be the same in all and clues that will led me to the answer I am in search of.
at 6 I had a dream of where I was in a room with rows of books shelves that were as tall as the sky, the rows were lined up row by row. As far as my eyes I could see there were books. I was looking for there was a clue in the books and I needed to find it.
I up at the books, but the words made no sense to me at all, I looked around for help, but no one was there. All I could see was books, books, books. The room was dark and all I could see was rows of books. I was lost and had no clue of what to do.
I looked at the book as thou it were for years, I voice in a very low whisper, as if to be telling me a secret; it I said that I knew what I was looking at, but i just had to remember. I looked at the books and reach out to pick up a old leather bond book with a gold ribbon around it, as I did the words starting to change, But before I could see what the cover said; I fell down, down,down, but before I hit the ground I woke up………
End Of chapter two

On the path the the Center of my soul and the the path I took to get here chapter one. And the my first book.

There is a place that no one know about, well no one but me that is.
My name is Marcy and I am a 228 year old Carzonbeain woman, and I am from this this place that no one knows about.
This place is the most beautiful place, A place where all you see the during the day is sunny and warm, with so many flowers in so many flowers, pink,yellow,green,blue,red,purple,golds, and lets not forget the rainbow colored one. Trees so high they reach the sky; The trees are where we build our homes and live our lives. All animals lives in peace as there is no need for there death, and to aid in the protection of our home planets balance. We are grown threw the flower and a long time to grow and develop.
I loved my inner-planet but there I was in had a reason to be and I was meant to find out what that is, So………….
I was sent to this….. well this outer-planet known as earth; 28 years ago in the search of the other half of my powers and my path in my life, But to this I need to be born in to the place of where this is and that needed a location transfer into a preferable body in the right place at the right time.
So yes I was born in to the world not knowing what to do or the ability to remember who I was or even what I was here for.
Having to start life all over is not the worst part it was the not even knowing What I was looking for and just saying now it take a very long time before I even start to be able to start on my path and it was not easy.

I was born into a family with a mother,and older brother that loved me, and A father who did not.
Life was not easy and I was two and my first little sister born.
She looked a lot like me. Thick black hair and dimples and chubby chicks with all the hope in the world.
Even at two I loved and cared for her as though she was my child, and my dreams of my search began.

My first dream was me running around a local park in a panic look for something feeling like I was never going to find it, everywhere I look seemed to have danger and things I just knew I never wanted to me. I was Dirty and the ran was making the Dirt wet and muddy and start to sink dip almost dragged in to the earth, but as I went under I felt something pull me awake……………..

That was chapter one and there will be lot more like a lot more
Thank you very much for reading and I really hope you liked the first chapter. I hope next time I will have a few chapters in one post.
Constructiveness is wanted and negativity is not so please enjoy and and may happiness be with us all.

ShAdOw Of a LitTlE GiRlS mInD

Once there was a girl and she lived on a large farm. Her mother owned.

Once it was full of green grass, and now is browned and muddy. Was once filled with Horses, cows, ducks,and all sorts of happy critters and now you would be surprises to hear the peep of a mouse. Once a happy home is now a empty house.

The laughter was lost the day her mother died, little did she know how her life had also ended but not by death.

Their was no funeral or wake, Just she was there and then she was gone. in the morning Instead of her mother; her aunt and her very odd son were their to tell her that they were in charge and her mother is dead.

She was only 13 and had no choice, So all day she spent doing all the thing that her aunt and her son did not want to do, and that included anything to do with work.At night she was force to sleep in a empty room to sleep, but soon after she got locked in this room; only to be freed when her assistance was needed. She was feed small scrapes of the meal she prepared and rain water she gathered in a bowl by her barred up window.

For a year this went on and she wished for the day for her freedom to come.

Year after year the boy went from acting oddly to being mean, then just went to full on abusive.

He started with the farm animals, but did not take long for the animals to vanish, and then his attentions turned to the now 15 year old teen.

Her day were dad but her nights were worse, he started to beat her nightly and her aunt told her to be good and bad things wound not happen.

But still even on a day she was the best anyone can be, and that would be a night worse then ever before.

This went on till her `16th birthday on this day she was done waiting on her freedom; she was going to take it back.

She waited for her once in year birthday beating with a slate roof shingle that fell in during a storm and waited as if she were asleep. She waited , and then the door rushed opened and in came the boy and as she jumped on top of her she lunged into a empty room, her empty room.

I was all a big bad dream, but still this newly turned 13 year old girl would stay in her bed for hours till she could hear the sound of laughter that her mother makes and she did.