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My love for you is the best of me; a random letter/poem

I wish you could see the love I feel and not what you may how much you may fell I do,
My love for you is much stronger then you even can describe; My love you for never a thought.
If I was ask by you why not?
I am going to say the things that make me know I love you.
1. We I love at you I got to remember to breath; even after 6 years
2. The thoughts I get when I see a girls smile and it is not at me( ohhhhhhhhhh YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM THINK ABOUT THAT!) 😉
3. The pain I feel when you fall out of you wheelchair is real to me.
4. My thoughts always seem to return to you even if my thoughts are random.
5. My effort in putting my all in us is All my effort
I thought all my life came to how you even can tell you love a person? Not some one you knew forever but someone you met in the world and have a connection.
I have done so many crazy things and all of them were just because I love with everything in me.
Love is putting everything and never expecting nothing. Love is pain and tears,but together. Love is the fear of not having them their when you wake up.
Love is that in any moment if need be I would protect you at all cost.
Love to me is that before we met I never cried at the said sappy parts of most movies, after….. well I cry like a baby and I do not even mind because you are right there.
Love is me feeling only safe if you are there with me ; even though we know I am no wimp
Love is feeling alone unless you are with me.

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