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Almost 100th day of President Trump’s function

The seventy-year-old President Donald Trump, whose selection has caused a political shock around the world, is still impulsive, instinctive and unpredictable, but admits with a hint of naivety and shrewdness that he had realized that there was a tough job waiting for him once he entered the White House as a President of the most powerful country in the world, the United States of America.


The first 100 days in office of President Donald Trump spent jitters, according to Reuters. He showed that he can change the tone and attitudes, but still manages to create a clearly articulated policy and develop a presidential style.

When it comes to China, Russia or NATO, its 180-degree turn partly pacified the country and US allies. But such an approach is followed by risks. From Syria to North Korea, how much risk the US will be drawn into a military conflict with unpredictable outcomes that warning during the campaign? As a Republican president, How would Trump react in a case of a terrorist attack on American land? After more than three months in power, many of his critics believe that the portraits Philip Roth brought in New Yorkey are still valid. He wrote that Trump is a president who knows nothing about governance, history, science, philosophy, art, not able to express or recognize nuances and using “dictionary of 77 words.” Donald Trump, who regularly mentions the possibility of a second term, has more than 1300 days ahead to complete this term.

Also In just a few weeks judiciary and Congress has dealt heavy blows dismissing his executive decree migrants proposal to reform health insurance.

Trump has also said that he changes, he is flexible and proud of it saying it prior to carrying out the air strikes on the Syrian regime on charges that he used chemical weapons against civilians.

Top 3 movies of all time that you should definitely watch

Let’s start with The Matrix (1999)

3. The Matrix

The Matrix is one of the best movies with a unique story. The Matrix Trilogy. Realistic or not? You decide.

Thomas A. Anderson (Keanu Reeves)  is a man living two lives. At the morning as an ordinary programmer and as a hacker in the evening.  He has always wondered about the truth of his life and reality. Before he gets detained by the police, he is contacted by Morpheus ( who not accidentally chose Thomas), a hacker but as presented by the government as a terrorist.

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In fact, Morpheus will introduce Neo (Thomas A. Anderson) from the Matrix in the real world. Ahh … Trinity perfection in movement. Since the beginning of the film, it leaves a strong impression with the moves that they perform. Each Matrix film begins with a bet strong scene.

2. Scarface

Is there a single human on this planet that hasn’t watched the most popular Al Pacino movie, the culmination of all the Crime-Thriller-Drama movies – Scarface? I doubt.


This movie is a remake of the original Scarface from 1932, but I won’t babble much about this remake that overly grossed the box and definitely passed over the original one. I will just remember this movie from its famous line “Say hello to my little friend…


  1. Fight Club

The main character in this movie suffers from insomnia. He decides to go to a counseling (I don’t know how those gatherings are called, in where people gather and express their feelings and tell you their troubles such as: Hello I’m Ваљон and I know heck nothing about writing movie reviews) and these people support each other. There and main protagonist meets the lady with “Felt Nothing Else Matters”. In fact, dude … they both go to all possible counseling places (cancer, tuberculosis and all other that they exist), and in these things, they suffer just the third torment. But Dude, they seek solace, there is nothing wrong here. In the airplane, he meets a belted guy (Brad Pit).  While he will be on the trip, his apartment would burn. So he moved to Brad Pit’s home which is a bit creepy abandoned house.  They acquire a habit – breaking the spine of someone and thats how they form the fight club. Dude, probably they wanted to solve the negative energy, who knows.

Anyways most of the people consider this movie as number 1 of all time, but who knows for me it’s not even in top 50… :D

One hour and fifty minutes I watched. I’m not a fan of such movies it is simple. And I do not really am after breaking spines and blood and scratches everywhere, I’m more towards the cool slow movies. :D


Kids in ancient times had a more harder life than today kids
April 29, 2017

So have you heard your kids say “I’m not allowed to stay out late”, “Why do I have to do my homework before I can watch TV” or even “My parents never let me go to parties”, “Why is it just Mom and Dad the ones who make the rules” “Life just not fair”

Well, we all have been through these stage of the life, do these complaints sound familiar? Well, if you think your life is hard, you might like to think about kids in ancient times. For some of them, life was really hard.

If you were born in ancient Greece, you weren’t even thought to be a real person until you’d been alive for five days. That’s right – for five days after you were born, your parents were allowed to get rid of you. If they decided they didn’t want you, they’d just leave you outside somewhere to die. Of course, you might get lucky to survive and someone else might pick you up. But then you’d spend the rest of your life as their slave.

However, if your parents decided that they wanted you as part of the family, then there was a special ceremony to welcome you. Only the boys were allowed to go to school. Greek girls stayed at home, where their mothers taught them skills like cooking and weaving – things that would help them find a husband.

At the age of 7, some boys were sent away to very strict military schools, where they were taught martial arts and how to become soldiers. So according to what we can see, life was pretty hard for the kids in the ancient times. For example, the kids were often hungry as their superiors wanted to develop a human instinct in them how to survive without food in the wild environment.

So I don’t know what you think, but in my opinion, I would definitely not want to be born in ancient Greece lol.

Daily NBA fixtures and predictions
April 29, 2017

Daily basketball fixtures and predictions

The current teams that qualified for the 1/4 finals are Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets.

So tonight we have 3 matches kick off at different time zones. The first match kicks off at 1:30 where Atalanta Hawks and Washington Wizards will match their powers in Game 6 and try to untie the game that is currently 3:2 in games for Washington Wizards. Now eventually if this goes well for Atalanta Hawks and they manage to put up a good result and win the game, they will reach the final match of this series as their result would be tied 3:3 and the winner would be decided in Game 7. Hopefully, Washington with enough luck should take this and hold a victory with 4:2 in the 1/4 finals.

The next match at 2:00 AM is probably the most interesting tonight. That match is between Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics. Due to some unfortunate events and a set of occurrences (such as the death of Boston’s best player sister’s Isaiah Thomas), the Celtics choked and easily gave up the first 2 games making a 2:0 lead for the Bulls. But in the next 3 games, they made a reality check by winning the next 3 games in a row and changed the result to their advantage (currently 3:2 for the Celtics in Game 6). Boston needs one more victory and will get placed straight to the 1/4 finals.

And the last match deeply in the midnight before sunrise at 4:30 AM is Utah Jazz facing Los Angeles Clippers at home. Utah is fighting bravely against the 4th placed team in the regular season – LAC, but after some difficulties, the current result after 6 games is well deserved and advantageous for the home team that hopefully will not fall under Clipper’s pressure and once more hopefully their win would lead to the 1/4 finals.

Man attacked a police officer in Berlin, and discussing the ongoing situation in Macedonia

A man violently attacked a police officer in Germany, Berlin. The police subdued him shortly afterward.

Supposedly the police started to fire to a certain person, at the hospital near the Berlin’s area Kreuzberg, according to the sayings and reports of the local mediums who are recalling from police sources. The person attacked a police officer, shortly before the other police officers started to open a fire towards him.


The hospital and the surrounding areas have been closed by the police, according to German news agency DPA.

And then later police spokeswoman told local media that police opened fire on a man near the hospital, and wounded him in the leg. However, she did not give any further details about the incident or the reasons for it.


The man allegedly attacked the officers, forcing them to open fire, according to the German daily Der Tagesspiegel.


*Here is the twitter link of the announcement of this news by the German police.

On the other side of the world in the Republic of Macedonia, we have a total chaos going on. After the president of Macedonia, and the supreme commander of the army in the country, George Ivanov, refused to give the prime minister mandate for creating government to the parliamentary majority, the parliamentary majority decided to take the matter in their own hands and announced the Assembly president – Talat Dzaferi.


But only 1 hour later, supporters of the opposite political party and hooligans equipped with throwing objects and face-masks on them broke into the Assembly and urbanely surrounded the probably future prime-minister and his envoys and started attacking them violently. The president of the leading political party that ensured a parliamentary majority – Zoran Zaev had his nose, and also other parts of his body bleeding and his clothes full with blood as 2 bodyguards ensured that no further attacks would be directed towards him.

Also, what less attractive to the media but also important was the dragging of another political leader that supports the parliamentary majority, Zijadin Sela and his whole face covered in blood.


Now, most of the normal citizens criticize the police, because in every normal country such incident should have been prevented, and at least stopped on time. The police did neither of them, they arrived 1 hour after the brutal attack on the scene and finally subdued the attackers and probably escorted the envoys and the political leaders.



Daily soccer fixtures and results
April 28, 2017

Daily soccer results and fixtures

Today at 21:00 PM we had a great Citizen derby kick off, an English derby between the best two teams in Manchester. The blues and reds. Manchester City vs Manchester United at Etihad Stadium.

This not so exciting match had offered so many chances, had the potential to be a great match, probably match of the month but sadly, at the end, the match finished without goals, as that means a draw. The final result was 0:0.

Now the starting 11 for both teams were this. First for the home team (Manchester City) the starting eleven were: Bravo, Kolarov, Otamendi, Kompany, Zabaleta, Fernandinho, Toure, Kevin De Bruyne, Sane, Sterling, and Aguero.

Starting eleven for Man. Utd: David De Gea on the goal, Valencia, Bailly, Blind, Darmian, Fellaini, Carrick, Ander Herrera, Mkhitaryan, Rashford, and Martial.

Now during the game, in the both first and second half, both teams demonstrated an attacking and open game, but I guess their defense and goalkeepers were at top class today so neither teams left a ball to enter the net. Manchester City showed a more interesting and controlling game, as their final ball possession was 68% as opposed to Manchester Utd’s 32%.

In the second half, nothing changed much besides the remarkable red card of Manchester United captain, Marouane Fellaini in the 84th minute. He did not get directly sent off as he has received a yellow card earlier in the match and now a second yellow card leading him to a red card and straight to the change room.

This match didn’t change much the table, except that Manchester City is 4th place in the table with 66 points, and Manchester United with 65 points, only 1 point behind them.

A victory for Manchester City would mean a direct enter to the top 3 teams in the table as they would have more points than Liverpool, they would have 68, and Liverpool has 68 currently, 2 more than Manchester City.

While a victory for the Reds would mean sliding to the top 4 as they would have 2 more points than Manchester City. None of this happened. The result ended up 0:0.

Daily soccer fixtures and results
April 27, 2017

Soccer results and fixtures daily

Wow, I do not know where to start, today it is one of the most interesting match weeks for a while since we have a lot of derbies kick off today in different competitions and leagues around the world between great soccer teams and rivals.

First, we had Barcelona and Osasuna face each other at 19:30 PM, which the game finished with a devastating 7:1 result for the home team. Barcelona always knows how to put a smile on their fans faces at their own stadium Camp Nou. The opener goal was scored by the world’s best player Lionel Messi,(which he later scored his second goal in the 61st minute in the second half) and other goal scorers for Barca were Paco x2, Denis Suarez x2 and for the first time in his whole decade-long career, his first ever goal for FC Barcelona – Javier Mascherano from penalty which was given to him by Lionel Messi instead of shooting it himself. Barca really opened Osasuna good and appointed that the La Liga battle is yet not over and their rival Real Madrid will have to play serious and tight until the end if they want to win the title.

At 21:30 (10 minutes ago) the match between Deportivo La Coruna and Real Madrid has already started. The team from Madrid is leading already with a 0-1 result and the opener goal was scored early in the second minute by Alvaro Morata.


At 20:45 we have a semi-finals derby in the Coupe de France where the best French teams in the world face each other at the stadium – Parc del Princes. PSG – Monaco started already 40 minutes ago and the home team is already leading with devastating 2:0 against their strong rival and potential finalist of the UEFA Champions League. Monaco is down by 2 goals already in the first half so not surprising if they lose the 1/2 finals by PSG.


On the other side, we have German cup derby, the 1/2 finals match where Bayern Munich faces Borussia Dortmund at Allianz Arena and despite the brilliant opener goal of Marco Reus for Borussia Dortmund, the half-time result is in advantage for the home team (2:1) thanks to the brilliant goals of Javi Martinez and Mats Hummels.


And on the English side of the world, we have a very interesting match in the Premier League match week today. Arsenal faces Leicester City (the actual champions) at their own stadium. Despite the excitement and the play of these two teams, the result is still unveiled as both teams went into the change room with a result of 0:0 at half time.



Don’t Breathe (2016) – a movie review
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Don’t Breathe – Crime, Horror, Thriller

Don’t Breathe is a popular mixed crime-horror-thriller genre movie that aired for the first time in the USA in 6th December 2016 and shortly afterward grossed the box office over making something less than 90 million dollars. ($89,210,46).
Basically the short description about the scenario of the movie would be that 3 low-level criminals and experienced thieves decided to break in and rob a blind man’s house whom they heard sleeps in a house full of fortune, and hopefully get away with that, but the blind man would not be as helpless as he seems.

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Now I don’t recommend reading the following text as it will be mostly full of spoilers about the movie, so if you want to watch the movie, probably skip this part.
Now, the movie revolves around 3 youngsters (probably in their mid-twenties) specifically 2 boys and 1 girl who are a trio of thieves, rob houses and work for a fourth man. One of the boys has a father who works as a chief in a security agency and precisely knew where stays the key from the drawer in which there were placed the keys of the houses that are insured by his father. And the movie gets the atmosphere as these three decide to finally break inside the old man’s house, which apparently is an ex-soldier that is now blind, who had lost his eyesight long before, in the Vietnam War during his Army servant time. Also, important to mention that he had lost his daughter too alongside his eyesight long time ago, which he got a good compensation for that, which makes the house even more thrilling to rob as they know there is a fortune waiting to be robbed in the house.

Now what I didn’t like about this movie is that throughout the whole freaking movie, a freaking old man was mind shaking them, chasing them around the house, and poor fellows could not even dare escape anyhow. Jeez, a freaking BLIND old man, which is SO unrealistic.

There was even this moment at the beginning of the movie when the old man noticed that there is someone in his house and rapidly went around the house to forge all the windows and doors so the kids can’t escape, LMAO. I mean, walks into the WC with a huge ironing and in a few minutes forges all the windows in the WC, making sure that they have no way of escaping the house. Just like that, for 2 seconds forged every window in the WC like he has 4 pairs of eyes as opposed to being blind.


This movie is so stupid, if you are not into details then I recommend watching it, but if you want something way more qualitative then I do not recommend watching this piece of crap.

Daily NBA fixtures and results
April 26, 2017

Daily NBA fixtures and results

So the three games that kicked off earlier this morning before even sunrise are finished and the results of these matches are the following:

The most exciting match of yesterday’s night that kicked off at 2 AM between Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City finished with a close victory with 105:99 in advantage for the home team. The total result in games is 4:1 for the Rockets now and that way they already qualified for the 1/4 finals, thrashing the Thunders team and proving once more that they are a one man standing team. The key men for both teams were Russel Westbrook (OKH) with 47 points and James Harden (HOU) with 34 points.

The game that took place at Spurs’ stadium which kicked off at 3 AM between San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies finished with a favorable result for the home team. The Spurs managed to win the 5th Game of this series, finally leading with 3:2 in total games. They need 1 more victory in their next match (which will be also played at home) to qualify for the 1/4 finals. Even though Grizzlies showed a resistance and ended up as victors in 2 games, Spurs are leading already and in the next upcoming game, it doesn’t look like it will change that fact.

And the last match of the night that was kicked off before sunrise (Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz) made everyone shake their hands and showed once more that the NBA play offs could be very very unpleasant and tricky for the big teams since there is not 100% sureness about who will qualify for the 1/4 finals. The both teams demonstrated a strong and unpassable defense as both of them managed to concede under 100 points, but at the end ladies and gentlemen the away team – Utah Jazz won with a result of 92:96. This proves once more how unpredictable NBA can be and that in a sport with a ball anything could happen. This is for sure not going in Clippers’ favor as they lost a home game and the next game should be an equalizer for them, of course, if they win, which they must not lose at all if they want to secure their way to the 1/4 finals. The current result is 3:2 for Utah Jazz and if they win the next game Clippers’s way to the 1/4 finals will instantly fade away.

For or against the death penalty in the USA

The death sentence is an actual question for a longer period, causing separation in the USA, for whose justification nowadays a debate is still going on.


When Robert Blecker, a professor in the New York’s school law, first time participated in an execution, began remembering on the scene of how his wife’s husband died in hospital. While human rights defenders spread fear about the deadly combination of drugs used in Arkansas, could destroy executions. Blacker also said that he is against lethal injection. Instead of such measure, he prefers a method of death sentence with firearms in which has no unsuccessful executions.

He states that the penalty should be construed as a penalty, and performed as such.

Anyways the death sentence is the most prevalent method of execution in the United States. From 1973 until now 88 percent of 1,449 executions were executed by lethal injection, and in almost all situations was used a cocktail of three drugs: the sedative midazolam to relieve pain, pancuronium – paralyze breathing, and potassium chloride to stop the heart.

But the use of midazolam proved as an unsuccessful execution in several recent years, as in the case of December, the convict from Alabama Ronald Smith, who died 13 minutes after the execution.

The death penalty has been a divisive issue for a longer time now in the United States. A poll by the Pew Research Center in 2016 showed that 49 percent of Americans support such a penalty, while 42 percent oppose such penalty.

Attorney general of Arkansas – Leslie Routledge defends executions, saying they brought peace and justice to the families of the victims.

Robert Danube, executive director of the Information Center of the death penalty in Washington, says that revenge is a valid argument of the supporters of this measure.

It’s left on you to decide upon this question. What do you think whether the death penalty should be brought back in the United States or you are against it?