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We have something to regret about

Let’s accept it, we all make a lot of mistakes and if someone says he doesn’t make any mistakes then there are only two possibilities either he is perfect or he is not telling the whole truth. There are very few in this world having control on everything they do.

We all feel nervous with our own faults which frustrate us or even violent at times. And when I say violence it could be in different forms right from physical to having negative views about others and negative feeling for our own activities.

I repeat there is no perfect human being in this world but everyone has something that needs to be improved. Let’s accept our mistakes and shortcomings and try to improve ourselves by working on them. Better still if we consider our faults as a distinguishing quality or characteristic or a typical one belonging to a person normally. That will solve the problem in more practical way.

What I have understood from my personal experience that a person feels more unsatisfied when he fails in a particular job that he wanted to do so dearly or in other words when he doesn’t get a desired result. But, let’s accept it that failure is the key of something innovative because if people had succeeded in their first attempts they would never try something new.

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We have few books written by Psychologist Robert Stenberg in our company’s library and I have read few pages of one of them, “The Psychology of Abilities” which describes in detail about human’s natural powers of taking him away from negative feelings and select something better for his own overall improvement.

However, despite having the ability to improve our faults and negativity the results are not the same in everyone. Try as best as we do but it’s not possible to improve everything in every case so there is no reason to feel disappointed or dejected. A person has every chance to improve himself if he knows his shortcomings and ready to remove them.

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